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Masks of the Mist Logo

Assira the Black

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Masks of the Mist has returned and is in need of a logo.


Goal: Make a logo representing the Masks of the Mist

Background information: Masks of the Mist is an entertainment guild, not limited to any land so all can join.

Reward: 1 gold coin from my inventory to the winner

Judges: Assira the Black

Deadline:December 22 2014



Post the logo in the forum topic.



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The old logo I can not find and I can not remember if the Masks of the Mist did a performance before I had disappeared from the game.


But I can show the performance that gave me the idea for it.



[log Performance Event] Assira the Black: Everyone please quiet down the event is a bout to start.
: Asterdai looks excited
: .Peace. nods to Assira
: Gremlin turns his attention to the stage
: Assira the Black gives Asterdai her attention
: Mya Celestia watches silently
: Asterdai shys a little but stands and turns so that most can see him, he takes his hat of and takes it into his hands before him
: Yoshi walks in quietly
: Asterdai smiles a little as he begins
Asterdai: clash of the symbols, a whisk of the hair
Asterdai: a twirl of the fabric, a deep meaningful stare
Asterdai: emotion heated tension in the evening light
Asterdai: the job, to release them, those girls of the night
Asterdai: twisting and turning to bangs on the drum
Asterdai: dreamily bending and having such fun
Asterdai: those eyes that flutter belie an innocence pure
Asterdai: meeting men who sit there just longing for more
Asterdai: artily crafted before their eyes
Asterdai: the dance entrances, takes over their lives
Asterdai: the dancer and danced for together are one
Asterdai: in flickering flames in the setting sun
: Asterdai giggles before replacing his hat and rushing back to the audience
: Kyphis claps
: Mya Celestia applauds
: asryn applauds
.Peace.: Beautiful, Aster. Thank you for sharing.
: Yoshi claps and smiles
: Asterdai blushes
Assira the Black: *claps* Thank you Asterdai.
Asterdai: ok ok ok on with the show
: Asterdai starts clapping also
: icepheonix5 applauds
: Asterdai cheers
Gremlin: *applauds* really good asterdai
: phantasm pulls out his pipe and nods
: phantasm pulls out his pipe and nods
: Mysteria Blue smiles and applauds
: Assira the Black nods to Kyphis

Kyphis steps into the circle, barefoot and dressed in nothing but pants with a ferocious Hawk faced leather mask over his face, which pulls his hair back and extends past his ears

Kyphis also has a simple pattern of feathers painted down his back and arms, which seem to dance as he moves. In each hand he carries a scimitar

Kyphis slowly lowers himself down until he is sitting with his knees straight in front and his head leaning back, both his arms spread and the tips of the scimitars just meeting behind his back waiting

Assira the Black steps lightly into the circle her barefeet hitting the ground, wearing a cruel Vipers head mask that pushes her brown hair back away from her face

Assira the Black has zig-zag lines racing down her extremities that shift and shimmer in the light, and a small daggers in each hand

Assira the Black kneels opposite of Kyphis with her head lowered and her dagger poised in front of her with the tips of the blades barely touching as if poised to strike

Kyphis springs up into the air like the hawk taking flight, swinging the scimitars first forward and then to the left, using their momentum to go into a spin

Assira the Black dives under and past Kyphis, swiftly moving her daggers forward and then to the right, propelling herself into a spin like how a viper would twin around their prey

Kyphis lands on his feet and continues the spin until he faces Assira again, half kneeling with the left scimitar held up behind his head and the right across his body watching the vipers every movement

Assira the Black stops spinning with one leg extended straight behind her, then moves into a kneeling position with her right dagger behind her head and the left dagger across her body keeping her eyes on the hawk

Kyphis steps forward and up toward Assira, reversing the position of the swords, then pauses for a half second calculating this vipers every move

Assira the Black steps up toward Kyphis, matching his movements with her daggers as a viper would taunt a mouse

Kyphis circles out toward his right, away from Assira, swinging both swords down and out in front of him in a threatening manner

Assira the Black raises her daggers crossing them in front of her face protectively and then sweeps them down and out away from her body to her sides

Kyphis pauses when the swords are in front of him, then spins back toward Assira, bringing both scimitars straight up in front of him poised to strike the viper

Assira the Black fluidly moves the daggers from her sides upward and in, towards Kyphis scimitars stopping short of touching them defending herself from the claws of this hawk

Kyphis turns first to the right, swinging the right sword out and behind him, then to the left so that both swords are behind him, like a hawk getting ready to strike from the sky

Assira the Black spins the daggers in her hands reversing the grip that she has on them and spreads them apart so that the hilts point to Kyphis's swords and the blades point out

Kyphis suddenly steps rapidly forward between her open arms, almost on top of Assira, bringing both swords up under her arms to meet behind her head in a deadly embrace

Assira the Black stands steadily in front of Kyphis, swiftly crossing her daggers behind his head, tips pointed at the base of his spin

Kyphis slowly lowers the scimitars, crossing them over as they go down Assira's back, until the blades are just touching at the tips, behind Assira's knees warning of the dangers of facing a hawk

Assira the Black runs the edge of the daggers lightly down Kyphis's back

Assira the Black uncrosses them to bring them around his waist acknowledging the dangers, rotating her wrists so the tips point down again and remind the hawk of the dangers of a vipers fangs

Kyphis slowly drags the flat edge of the scimitars over Assira's thighs as he uncrosses the swords, acknowledging his own danger, bringing them behind his back once more

Kyphis steps back

Assira the Black also steps back

Kyphis bows from the waist

Assira the Black returns the bow, then turns and exits the circle

Kyphis turns and exist the circle where he entered

: Mya Celestia applauds
.Peace.: *applauds and nods pleased* Spectacular. Bravo!
: Asterdai is stunned
: phantasm claps
: Yoshi is in total awe
Gremlin: *applauds and cheers* Bravo! Bravo!
icepheonix5 applauds
: asryn stands up and claps loudly
: Mysteria Blue applauds
Asterdai: *whispers to the person next to him giggling* what you think of their costumes!!
Asterdai: ...and those moves... corr couldnt keep up with em!
Gremlin: *whispers to mysteria* what do you think?
.Peace.: I must say Assira that your dancing abilities has grown greatly.
.Peace.: I am pleased.
Mysteria Blue: *whispers back* that was fantastic
Gremlin: definantly a good show...good costume design and excellant form
: Asterdai is brimming with excitement and cant contain a big grin
Gremlin: *whispers back and smile* thank you for comming with me
Asterdai: i never seen no one move like that before....
Assira the Black: Thank you, Kyphis did most of the work *smiles* There is some more to the event.
Asterdai: more!! *looks up overwhelmed*
Kyphis: *laughs* Assira made it work, though ;)
: Mysteria Blue whispers you don't have to thank me smiles
: asryn sits down again to see what will happen next
: Mya Celestia moves to the center of the circle taking a deep breath
: Kyphis carefully unstraps and removes the ferocious Hawks mask to better see the rest of the show
: Mya Celestia positions herself seated on her right leg with her left leg outstretched in front of her with her body against her legs and her arms stretched toward her left foot
: asryn watches Mya
phantasm whistles at mya and chuckles

: Mya Celestia slowly lifts her body upright as she moves to a kneeling position raising her arms over her head
: Mya Celestia bends her body forward at the waist then rotates her body to the right forming a water orb as she circles around once
: Mya Celestia smiles mischievously as she draws the water orb in her hands toward her face turning it to snow as she does
Mya Celestia blows the snow toward the audience with a playful smile as she spreads her arms wide using a gentle breeze to gently swirl the snow around her
: Mya Celestia raises her arms to arch upwards as she stands on her left leg keeping her right leg extended back and foot pointed
: Mya Celestia slowly brings her arms down crossing them at her chest before lowering the to a downward arch letting her head follow the movement as she rocks back on her right leg pointing her left foot
: Mya Celestia quickly draws her right leg to her left as she turns to the left raising her arms over her head making the snow swirl around her as she smiles playfully
Mya Celestia walks three steps lightly on her toes with her arms bent near her sides and her hands held up facing outward
: Mya Celestia steps forward on her right foot kicking her left leg back holding her hands together outstretched in front of her as if to catch something
: Mya Celestia lowers her left leg beside her right bending both knees slightly as she draws her hands toward her looking curiously at what is in her hands
: Mya Celestia throws her arms wide sending more snow into the air with a playful smile
Mya Celestia waltzes to her left adding a full spin in place every 3 movements swaying her arms over her head until she completes a large circle
Mya Celestia spins in place before bending forward on her right leg stretching her left leg back with her foot pointed placing her right hand on the ground and her left arm stretched back
Mya Celestia looks like she%u2019s peeking under her hand as she slowly raises her right hand from the ground revealing a snowflower growing are her hand rises
Mya Celestia straightens her body as she continues to raise her right hand making the flower grow taller a look of surprise on her face
Mya Celestia with a look of great effort she picks the flower with both hands
Mya Celestia looks at the large blossom then the audience as a mischievous smile spreads across her face
: Mya Celestia holds the blossom toward the audience with both hand as if to offer the chance to smell the blossom
: Mya Celestia spins quickly to the right causing the petals of the blossom to drift off in a sparkling shower
: Mya Celestia lowers herself to her knees laying the stem of the snowblossom on the ground with a slightly sad expression
: Mya Celestia lowers her head as she crosses her arms over her chest to finish
icepheonix5 applauds loudly as he stands up and whistles
Asterdai: beautiful! all that snow!! and that snowflower... *his eyes are lit up like a little childs*
Assira the Black: *claps* That was wonderful.
Gremlin: *applaudes* good form sis
asryn: *claps* so beautiful...
: Kyphis applaudes his friend vigorously
: Mya Celestia stands and moves over to Adam
Gremlin: you have done very well Mya
Mya Celestia: *bows slightly* Thank you.
: Asterdai wipes some snowflakes off his hat and smiles to mya
Mysteria Blue: *applauds* wonderful to watch
icepheonix5: *wraps his arms aorund her waist* That was amazing.
: Assira the Black goes behind the shack and changes into her black belly dancing outfit
: phantasm smiles and then resumes smoking his pipe
: Yoshi wipes a tear
: icepheonix5 sits down
Asterdai: *looks for assira* ooo where she gone!
Kyphis: She's getting changed, Aster
: Gremlin scoots a little closer to Mysteria
Asterdai: i never knew you could dance like that kyphis...
: Mysteria Blue gives him a playful smile
Asterdai: soooo...vivid!
Kyphis: (I dance in RL)
Asterdai: its amazing how much effort you have put in..
.Peace.: *nods to all present* It was a very pleasant show, but political affairs draw my attention.
Asterdai: (even though you are a proffesional lol)
.Peace.: Long days and pleasant nights.
: Assira the Black returns to view wearing the black belly dancing outfit
Mya Celestia: Bye Peace
: Kyphis smiles sadly to Peace.
: Asterdai smiles longingly to peace
: .Peace. wanders off
phantasm: *bows to Peace* M'Lady
Gremlin: *nods* may the angels deliver you Joy, happiness, love and success my old friend
: Kyphis returns his attention to the aluring Assira

Asterdai: i know she would have stayed if she could..
Asterdai follows kyphis's gaze
Asterdai: .....woah
Asterdai jaw drops a little
Gremlin places his arm around mysteria, smiles and turns his attention to the stage
: Assira the Black enters the area swaying her hips as if she were stalking her prey to this very spot
: icepheonix5 glances at Assira
she would have stayed if she could..
: Asterdai follows kyphis's gaze
Asterdai: .....woah
: Asterdai jaw drops a little
: Gremlin places his arm around mysteria, smiles and turns his attention to the stage
: Assira the Black enters the area swaying her hips as if she were stalking her prey to this very spot
: icepheonix5 glances at Assira
: Asterdai cant seem to help but clap as she appears
: Assira the Black She raises her hidden daggers , resembling the claws of a panther, into the air admiring the delicate points
: Assira the Black sways her hips hypnotically as she walks the perimeter of her territory as if searching for an unseen intruder
: Asterdai stops clapping, mesmorized
: Assira the Black whips her head around facing the spot where she believes her prey to be with a look of hunger on her face
: Assira the Black slowly turns around running her claws through the air in front of her, twisting her claws about each other
: Assira the Black rocks her body forward and backwards in anticipation
: Assira the Black tenses her body as she sways her hips seductively to the beating of her heart
: Assira the Black readies her claws allowing all to see them gleam in the sun light, as her hips move faster to her ever speeding heart
: Assira the Black leaps into the air as graceful as a panther and soon lands, only to have lost the prey she was after
: Assira the Black turns around swiftly her body tense with anger as she resumes her hunt
: Assira the Black bends low to the ground putting one foot in front of the other stalking forward
: Assira the Black moves a few feet and then she pauses in mid stride, she glances around searching for her prey
: Assira the Black relaxes her body giving up her current path and straightens her back
: Assira the Black turns around slowly as if she lost interest in finding her prey
: Assira the Black swings her hips side to side walking away from the area she was just at
: Assira the Black spins in a circle while running the backs of the blades down her stomach, her hair swinging out behind her glittering in the sun light
: Assira the Black stops spinning suddenly and wildly begins shaking her hips is sharp small circles of frustration at not catching her prey
: Assira the Black brings her hands in front of her, reaching out longing to catch her prey
: Assira the Black goes to her knees and pulls her hands down in front of her face out of shame at her failure
: Assira the Black takes a shaky breath and glares beyond her hands turning her shame into anger
: Assira the Black tenses her body as she lowers her hands smirking, almost snarling
: Assira the Black rises swiftly to her feet and sways her hips smoothly while her blades lightly glide along her body, stopping just a few inches above her head
: Assira the Black looks up at the sky longingly and tilts her head to the side, then brings it back down to gaze around her
: Assira the Black springs forward at the audiences with her blades poised in front of her as if about to attack
: Assira the Black bows to the audience and steps out of the circle
: Kyphis applaudes
Gremlin: *chears* good shw
: asryn claps loudly
Gremlin: show*
: icepheonix5 applauds
: Mya Celestia applauds
asryn gives a standing ovation to the entire show
: Kyphis whistles loudly
: Handy Pockets claps
: Yoshi join in with asryn
Mysteria Blue: bravo *turns to Gremlin* I'm afraid I have to go
Gremlin nods gets up and offers her a hand
phantasm: wonderful assira
Assira the Black: Thank you all. I believe that is it for tonight *smiles* [/log]


The fonts and layout of that may be choppy... The ability to pull logs was not available at the time. So I copied and pasted it all as the event went on.


As for how it will be judged.

Cleanliness ( not a blurry scan or pic)

Representation (whether it portrays the ideas behind the guild)

Creativity (being outside of what people would normally draw for a logo)


The logo will be something that will represent the guild so I wish for it to portray the guild well and have some depth to it.



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