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Item Decay and Heat

Kyphis the Bard

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So, with all the questions I have been getting from prospective quest makers, this idea has struck me:


What if we had items that, for so long as they where in your inventory, automagically absorbed free heat from your erolin device?


Obviously they wouldn't do so constantly, as that would probably be a bit of a strain. But they could, for example, check the Erolin device for heat every 5 minutes or as soon as their heat dropped to 10. There is even the option to have different properties for different item types.


This could be used to create items that "decay" when they run out of heat, returning to a pickup point for a new attempt. Quests might require you to ferry an item from one place to another, ensuring the item has enough heat for the trip. Another option is the creation of "illusion items" - items that bestow spell effects such as the Ghost spell on those who carry them, so long as they are powered with heat.


Some items might even have a maximum heat value, either to increase challenge, or ensure they return to the central location in a swift period of time. There is also the option to have both a hard maximum and a soft maximum - Hard maximum will not let the heat value rise above it, and any excess heat is lost, while the soft maximum will let heat rise above it, but triggers additional effects.


For example, a quest might require you to cook a roast within a multi scene kitchen. Too little heat and the roast is raw and makes anyone who eats it ill, while too much and the roast burns, forcing you to start again.


To preserve the intent of such items, they should be non-transfer as standard. The purpose is for an individual to provide the power, rather than a group - for group heat powering efforts, Heat Jars already exist. While heat jars are capable of achieving insane values and results, such items are for relatively minor effects and challenges, and typically should dissolve overnight.

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  • Root Admin

items to constantly check db status would be to heavy, even if at 5 mins, its still needed to check first what items need to check the db,, then check.

i am already pushing the limit with the new a25 scene changes, that currently check db once every 8 seconds for each online player (multiply and get shocked)


i do however get some interesting ideas out of this. items to decay based on heat.

If i will get the opportunity to do such a thing somehow, i will

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