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Totem info


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ITT we aggregate info on totems and then put it onto the wiki


Creatures and their respective totems that I've created:/


  • Nutcracker -> Mechanical Creation Creature Totem
  • GG Drach -> Drachorn Creature Totem
  • Pimp -> Creature Totem
  • Imp -> Aramor Creature Totem
  • Knator -> Knator Creature Totem
  • Colored Shop Joker -> Joker Creature Totem
  • Water Being -> Water Being Creature Totem
  • Toxicodendrite -> Plant Creature Totem




General Q's:

Do creatures in totems age?

Do creatures in totems keep wins after trading the totem?

Do creatures in totems lose any age after trading the totem?

What happens if you bind a rit and totemize the creatures?

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