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"Food" answers

Muratus del Mur

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Player_Name: Spell Binder

Commets: nutrients and water i.e. food for plants

Player_Name: D3mon

Commets: bukkake?

Player_Name: Seno

Commets: whatever it is favorite ground flavored icecream.. of course.

Player_Name: bdogak47

Commets: A carrot

Player_Name: Morashi

Commets: MUST.....GET...CANDY!!!

Player_Name: week

Commets: a box of chocolate?u never know wat ur gona get

Player_Name: MIhai

Commets: A small grain of rice!

Player_Name: Spartan

Commets: Sawoff balls of a bull an he has to eat those

Player_Name: stupidjesse

Commets: a beer

Player_Name: scottreel11

Commets: mayonaise

Player_Name: Lycanpyre

Commets: His lunch that he lost three weeks before

Player_Name: semperfi942

Commets: The ultimate answer to the ultimate question....Soup or salad? =P

Player_Name: nsalty91

Commets: A delicious sausage pizza

Player_Name: Banzai

Commets: a purple banana

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