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Negative credits + double charging


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According to this, it's supposed to cost 1 credit to get an image onto an item. http://storenow.net/my/?f=4111b7c219cd8594bc8c249e9240bdce


However, it took away 1 credit first when I uploaded (and my credit balance reduced from 1 to 0 credits), and then another was taken away when the image got approved. They caused my credits to go into negative:




May someone please inform me whether its supposed to cost 2 credits to upload and then get approval, or it is supposed to be 1? Is the uploading-image-info-page incorrect? (first screenshot). If possible, I wish my credit balance to be restored by 1.



Thank you.

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Ok, I noticed something very interesting.


My credits became 0 (thanks Chewy :P) BUT, when Fang sent me 5 credits, I got 4 :blink:


Anywho, does the upload still charge $2 or has it been corrected to $1?


You had -1


You gained 5


You now have 4

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You had -1


You gained 5


You now have 4


No no no, I thought I got restored the 1 credit (because I saw 0 instead of -1 in my credit balance). But now I see that was not the case :P


Original bug report still stands: about double upload costs.

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