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a diferent sacrifce


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when u r in mp5 the hardest thig is (from my point of wiew) upgarding the new purchess creatures, so i think this will work (after some ajustments from you):

A DIFERENT SACRIFICE meaning you can sacrifice a max level creture to give the xp to the new creatures

this is how i imagine this:

-1 max crit after sacrifice it this way gives you 30%-50% of what gives when sacrificed normaly

-you must have at least 3 lev 1 crit (max dosent count)

-when sacrificieng it sould be a buton that alows you to chose to how many creatures you want the xp would go

-the creatures chosen should be counted only if they dont have any xp or the xp they have is not enough to upgrade

-the fight that the creture sacrifice had shoul be given also (but no more than the lev 1 crit neads)

-it can be considerated like you let the new creatures sumonated to devore the old one

-any xp/battles that r over of what the lev 1 creatures nead r lost

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what creature could you possibly have in mind for that to work on the only creature i could think of that would need that much xp is a grasan

and getting loads of them could help out by sacrificing max armors but that would make it alot harder on mp3's doing that

you would have most mp3's then running around with grasan 2's everywhere and they wouldnt learn about other creatures then

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the ideea was only for mp5 becouse a 1 level creature has a 10-15% chance to be alive after a battle, so even if you win the fight you will probably wont get any xp for that creature.

this is way i posted this and only for level 1 creature

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i am currently trying to get xp to 2 lvl 1 creatures and it is slower but when they survive omg how much xp they get is alot

lol one got 56k xp the other died as with most of my creatures and thankfully i lsot that fight but due to rounds to long

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