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Lair Keepers Relaunch


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The new and improved Lair Keepers are coming!


As most of you know, i've been the Drachorn Guy for quite a long time, and never saw a reason to revive the Lair Keepers. Now that i'm not working alone anymore, however, i've asked for the Lair Keepers to be returned, so i can invite the people who're working with me.


Right now, i'm still in a recruiting/trial phase. The people who carry this badge hold it because it makes it easier for me to set up meetings and group chats on short notice, and because they want to pick up on my job offer as drachorn apprentice. More people will be invited as those mini-quests move on.


Generally, there's no reason to ask for invitations into Lair Keepers. I'll invite people whom i've successfully worked with in the past, and people who impressed me in the Drachorn Apprentice quest-series.


Currently, you can consider the people in Lair Keepers as my little helpers. They're mostly useful to carry messages to me when i'm not available personally, but they can also answer simple questions, for example 'Can i buy a Melodic Charm?' (Answer: No) and 'Why not?' (Answer: Because Burns said so).


Seriously though, the people who are in have a distinguished role of their own and quite some knowledge as well, but that doesn't mean they can answer for me just like that. If you can't find me personally, for example due to time zone issues, you can use them as messengers for now. Their skills will be upgraded over the next weeks, and i'll make little announcements here to let you know what they are currently capable of on their own.


Thanks for your attention!




Current skills of the Lair Keepers:


-Personal Messengers

-Certain useful skills as personal slaves

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