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Some of Change's Childhood Philosophy


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Here are a few rules that I've followed in regards to Change and myself. (Both of us are quite similar if you haven't guessed). Yes, this is written with a certain exaggerated persona on (that is, a personality that isn't mine, or Change's). Think Effie Trinket, or some other Victorian.

1. Always lie without lying.

Why reveal the 'darker'/deeper side of yourself when no one cares? Sure, you've figured lots of it out, but no one has to know that. You've shown parts of that part in the past before, haven't you? Guess what? No one cared! They got incredibly confused and had no idea what you were saying. Better to give them the part that they can understand. Let them think that's all you are. It doesn't matter.

2. Do what people want if it makes no difference to you.

This one seems kind of obvious. If you don't care whether or not you choose A or B, why not go with the majority? Having people like you is beneficial to yourself. If you want to choose A just to be contrary, or if you want to choose based on a coin-flip, guess what? That's you caring. But if you actually don't care, just go with everyone else.

3. Talking makes people think they know you.

Now, you're allowed to talk about your 'issues' but don't actually discuss your real issues. Don't bother showing that you've actually really thought deeply about stuff--people will just get confused. Rather, enter the state of mind that you're in when you're being silly, worrying over little things. That's what everyone else does, isn't it? So talk and talk some more and if people respond positively, keep going! Now, as it turns out, people may just be responding positively publicly and they might really hate your face. You yourself would get annoyed about someone blabbing on and on without even taking the time to stop and think. But that's okay, people who actually think aren't often the ones in power. If people think they know you, they don't see a threat and you can do whatever you want. The only potential problem to this plan is if there's someone in power who does think. But those people don't exist, right? (Note: Well, perhaps they do...)

4. Be yourself, but only the 'nice' parts.

Did you notice? Well, did you? That's right, when you're non-controversial people like you. Well, they don't actually like 'you' but you've spent decades trying to figure out yourself. You've made lots of progress (no one needs to know that) and it'd take foreeeeeever for you to explain that progress to others. So why bother trying? If you do, they'll likely misunderstand you, and that can go one of two ways. Either they like what they think is your true self lots, or they hate it--both due to a lack of context. Why court chance when you don't have to? (Note: 'Nice' varies from person to person, which makes things especially confusing at times...)


5. Have fun!


Letting people think that you're a confused idiot is fun and beneficial...right?...right?


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