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K Document Collection (Sum of Creation)


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I have finally got my final wish point for getting to 1000 active days (I know its late considering [This account was opened on (DD.MM.YYYY H:M): 30.09.2007 05:53] but that's besides the point). Now usually I would use this wishpoint inside the wishpoint shop and use it on a generic spell (which I would rarely use) or I could use on getting the ability to code multiple objects (which I don't have the patience to re-learn [I know its simple though my knowledge of coding has died over the years]) or I could use it on research points (which is a feature I don't believe is supported or any more or if it is very poorly. Anyways moving on you want me to get to the centre of the matter.


A less generic choice is try to create a record but my proposition is different from the archivists. I don't want a generic record of what has happened in the realm. I want to create a collection of the people in the realm. Most of Magic Duel revolves around the people who shaped the world. When Magic Duel was first created it was empty baron a clean slate. That was part of the charm the lure the fact that until the first person logged in and before the first words where spoke and before the first action was made the magic duel world was no more complicated from the wooden box you where plucked from to enter creation. It was that sum of people that made magic duel what it is today. Thus the title the Sum of Creation The Sum of the people who created Magic Duel. 


Though there is a small hiccup it is called a K document Collection for a reason. It is a collection of document to make a sort of digital library of sorts so although I am supplying the first wishpoint and the first document (in the next 1-2 months the world has changed allot since I started writing it) I need backers other than myself. Though it is important that the documents follow the theme. If haven't made it clear yet it is the people in magic duel. Not theories about the land not how this place was create not the lands opening order and not a chronological order of events from the beginning to now (and quite possibly the future [you never know]) but the people as you see them. To make things a little more clear some people in magic duel will remember that I was representing the University of Winnipeg when I was writing an ethnography. An ethnography for those who don't know is a study of the relationship between people and a study on culture and relating it to your own experience and explanation. Basically that is what I am looking for is a collection of  documents from people revealing there views on the culture of magic duel and the people inside it.


Before you decide to sign up a few things to keep in mind:


1) Your document must follow the basic theme. You can make assumptions and use dates all the things I said you should not but it has to directly support the source material. If it doesn't add substance its just pulp that should be strained out.


2) Political views in the world should be redacted. I do not want a whole bunch of LR praise and Necro bashing in the other or vice-versa (one of the reasons I stay in no mans land). This is your view directly on individuals not an entire group. I am not telling you to break character but I will tell you to keep your politics out of it.


3) This is an ongoing work so it would be wise to update your document from time to time since world does change frequently.


4) Since this is a select work not all submissions will be accepted. I will be requiring a sample of your work privately or publicly to make a decision its your choice how you present it.


5) The spelling and grammatical errors in this post are not acceptable in the final work. Please be sure to proof read(I am not checking this yet since it is 3am. Ill try to force myself tomorrow).


6) This should be a step in your new role.


Note to mods: I was looking for a place to put this and there isn't really and the text about k documents it should be a big step in developing your role so I choose to put it here; since this is neutral ground. If there is a better place for it please place it there just make sure it is a public space not belonging to any land and I can still access it. Thank you.




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When I originally wrote my ethnography I was able to save a small part of it, Namely the introduction inside the magic duel archive (I was told to note things so I choose to use the tools provided inside MD in this case notes). So to lead by example and since I am asking you guys to post a sample of your work its only fair that I lay bare mine. As I said you can reply directly to me through the messenger system on the forum or even online if you choose to go through the trouble to find me (or not if you have the locator spell). None of that has changed by me adding to this post. The below is the introduction to the MD world. I warn you though when I have great passion in something I tend to get allot more poetic then I intend especially when I write. So this is my introduction from then and likely to be copy pasted to this collection and edited farther for clarity sake.



My intention inside magic duel is to study not the world is self but the complex community that has evolved from essentially and entirely void world. When magic duel was first created and when I first found it was one year after its launch. When I did find it I found it uninteresting only being able to choose a selection from a list then when entering the world the most you could see was some really interesting artwork. Participating in fights and not really having a lot of chat I quickly abandon it yet kept a link in my home page just encase something evolved. When I arrived a second time I saw some change but not much. There was the creation of a more complex battle system and that was about all I saw. It was not until I arrived and stayed three years after my first brush with it that I decided to stay.
What I saw change was not a great marvel of design or that of remade game mechanics. If I had to say what it was I would tell you it was the lack there of. Through the lack of a base mechanic the game its self had the ability to grow. What can come from nothing is a community built on its own rules. A game often forces social interaction by adding incentives such as the ability to gain more experience. The ability to have marriage turns into an experience sharing and booster.
Here things were different instead of forcing a community it had to be created by the people. It is actually through the act of absence of development that creation was produced. That is what was so interesting to me and why I decided to look farther into this developing community. What makes it tick, roles people have and even the creation of religion and commonly accepted morals.


Edit: Hmm looks a lot longer in the K doc and in edit mode.. 

Edited by Kamisha
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