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The Story of the Hell Hounds

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How The Hounds Came About

By: Blackshade rider



{intro}-  This story is wrote into journal pages. I wrote it because i was board. Also my Alt Blackrider i had quit  playing this game for some time.

So i wanted to come up with a story line based on where (blackrider) went, what happened and how blackshade rider came about.

This would be the first time ive done something like this so i know its not perfect. But with that said the other pages i will be trying to scatter around MD and turn This into a quest also.

I do hope people enjoy this  and i hope alot of you guys will join in to help cause i will need it.

Thanks Enjoy







[blackshade rider]

It all started with my old self -blackrider.You see i was a fool and treated marind bells people terrible. So they formed a mob against me.

They tied me to stone and beat me with sticks and threw rocks at me.

After a while they tired of me and left me to die. As i laid their tied up bleeding out i could see death waiting for me.

And he took me to my eternal damnation.



**Day 83**


It was a dark place. Hot and damp. It was not ideal for any living soul to be. For if they were they world become something dark and unnatural.

I knew i had to get out of this place.

A few months went by and i had lost all hope. i have gave in and become one with the darkness here.

Also i have noticed that there seem to be dog like creatures here that run around every where. They seem gruesome and terrifying,

but yet one seems to stay close to me. Yet it keeps its distance. I pay no mind to it although it does make me quarry.



**Day 143** 


I have found a cave here. It seems to have a secret entrance to an offset cave area. I had found it due to some kind of creature chaseing me.

If it wasnt for one of those dogs i would have been gotten by the creature.

What ever it was.


As i look threw this place i found a scrool about hell hounds. On the scroll it talks about Rebirth, Hell Hounds , A Ax called The Ax of the Dark , and a secret exit.

As i read more it talks about how if one can tame a hell hound one would be expelled and re-birthed into a new world.

It also shows that many have tried but also failed.,.............


**Day 150**


Every since i found that scroll I have been trying to figure out how to tame a hound so i can leave this place. I came across a Grimm like figure. It did not speak to me but it did hand me a ax and some kind of strange box with a strange symbol on it. "What do i use these for?" i asked him, but he dissipated into a mist.

Is this the Ax of the Dark? Whats this box?

Now i am left here alone again with unanswered questions. 


**Day 167**


An animal was chaseing me so this time instead of running i took the ax that was given to me and killed it. I harvested its meat and bones. now there are several hounds that follow me.

I keep walking and yet i do not know where i am going in this waste land. I seem to be loosing my mind. 

I came across a dead tree. It seems to suit me i think i will stay here tonight.


**Day 168**


Late last night i decided to give some of my meat to the hound that sat right outside my camp.

It seemed grateful and was pleased with my actions. So i gave it some more and it seemed to take a liking to me. 

I think it may have something to do with the ax that was given to me.

It stays by my side now and seems to protect me from death.

Also the box the was given to me opened and a black liquid sprung out and merged itself with me. It hasnt hurt me so i dont know what to think of it.


**Day 193**


This hell hound is great! I have come to realize it is the ax that gives me the power to control the hound that stays with me. 

As long as i keep him fed he stays happy. I have also realized that it doesnt protect me from death but rather prevents it.

The hound keeps leading me some where. Where i do not know. But it seems to know where its going and me i have no idea where we are going.


**Day 207**


The Hound has lead me to this mystical cave that seems to glow at the entrance.

I feel the black liquid in me getting hot and bubbling and the feeling gets stronger as i get closer to the cave.

I walk in and the hound follows.


**Day ???**


I cant remember what day it is. I was in the cave forever it felt. The hound still follows me.

I remember talking to a man in the cave. I only remember 4 words he had said  they were " liquid black welcome back".

Then a black mist surrounded me and i woke up back in marind bell.

But how?

No one seems to remember me. They seem to know me as a person named blackshade. 

The hound is still with me but it seems no one can see it but me.


A person in the park named (Lania) asked me what had happened, but i do not know. Most of my pages in my journal got lost threw the lands.

I must find them.








( This is all i have for people to see right now. more pages will be provided but alot will be spread out threw the land.

i will be spreading out about 20 pages and those 20 pages will be what you need to look for when the quest is open.

for now i could use some sponsors in my quest that want to be a part of it. I have 4 openings for some one to be added into the story on later pages.

Also will be accepting artwork for the land layouts and creatures and such ect.


I hope you guys enjoyed the First part of the Hell Hounds Official story




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