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WTB/WTT MD shop RP items


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As the title says, I'm willing to buy and/or trade for shop items fitting with my character (lashtal).


In particular, I'm looking for:


- body parts and fluids (human, animal or anything in between - except dung: there's a limit to everything :P), 

- anything rotting/decaying/dead/fossilized,

- anything poisonous and/or intoxicating.


Also, if you think I have something you should have, contact me.

If you convince me it fits your role more than mine, you deserve it.


What I have already:


Mummified bat wing 
Scarab beetle fossil 
Spider leg 
Mummified middle finger 
Creepy doll 
Apothecary box 
Bit of rotten skin 
Egg shell 
Knator's claw 
Fish Head 
Amber with mosquito 
Grimy snake skin 
Spicy maggots 
Pestulent arachnid 
Fungal mass 
Insect Pouch 
Apple with tooth 
Sleep deprivation glasse 
Handful of Dirt 
Rotten Pickle 
Maggoty flour 
Preserved bruise 
Bone meal 
Coarse bone dust 
Petrified starfish 
Fish Skeleton 
Living frog leg 
Jar of fly wings 
IMPORTANT: I want to buy another mummified bat wing. If you spot one, contact me asap please.
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