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WTB Item Pictures


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As title says, I'd like to purchase custom-made item pictures for a few of my items:

  • Aeoshattr's Bottled Emotions
  • Aeoshattr's Autograph
  • Black Rose

The only one I'm hesitant about is the Black Rose - are all Black Roses (since I imagine a number of people will have one) going to have the same picture? I honestly don't care, my concern is whether or not I'm allowed to purchase a picture for it or wait for it to be commissioned and chosen by "higher powers".


I pay in gold/silver, with the value negotiated with the artist beforehand. I would prefer all 3 items to be drawn by the same artist, but I won't exclude multiple artists.


Please contact me via forum PM and I will provide details.

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  • Root Admin

All common items will have the same image.


If you wish to put forward an image for the black rose, we will consider it. Email it over.


Common items shouldnt be able to have an image uploaded per item, avatar people please deny all images for common items until we remove the ability to add an image.

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