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Buying Heated Creatures


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I'm looking for the 2 creatures, which meet either of the following specifics:


- no tokens, around 10.60 mil heat

- 1 token, around 7.57 mil heat

- 2 tokens, around 5.88 mil heat

- 3 tokens, around 4.81 mil heat

- 4 tokens, around 4.07 mil heat

- 5 tokens, around 3.53 mil heat

- 6 tokens, around 3.11 mil heat

- 7 tokens, around 2.78 mil heat

- 8 tokens, around 2.52 mil heat

- 9 tokens, around 2.30 mil heat


I don't care what tokens they have, as long as the number of them is as specified.


I don't care what creature it is, though the cheapest is preferred.


Also, I have no idea how much any of these would be worth, or if I could afford them. Please make offers, and I'll see if I can live up to them.

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I bought 2 creatures with 5 mil heat each, for 6 silver coins total.


I only need one more creature to match the specifics above.


As a note: "- no tokens, around 10.60 mil heat" can be broken into multiple creatures as long as the accumulated heat is 10.6 mil.

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