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Let's reminisce...

Sasha Lilias

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With the 10th Anniversary of MD coming up, I thought it would be nice for people to have a little reminisce about the days they first started; the people they remember, fond memories, how MD has changed, etc.


Try and keep it nice and light, we all know bad things have happened and we've all fallen out with someone at one stage...but let's remember the good!


I remember I started back in early 2008, and wow how things were different! No wishpoints, RPC's roaming the land, GG and Necro near impossible to get into...the realm was bustling with energy and people though.


You had things such as the Dojo, run by Calyx of Isis, the Wind and Rain pub that was run by Ailith and Windy, the fountain of dark vibrations that was still innocent! (Until Granos came along and changed that! :P) and you have the MR's Training ground.


There were no tokens, no items and no coins.You were considered insanely strong if you had a thousand or so stats! 


I remember the likes of Nim on her first days and how we learnt a lot together, I remember people calling me "biscuits" due to Mcvitie's name.


The best thing I remember though was the fact there were always people around, no matter what the scene...you'd nearly be sure to find somewhere there.


There was also far less materialism. No items and no CTC codes meant people made do with what they had and role played the rest! 


Personal papers were also a big thing for many! Nearly everyone would have their papers filled and fully written and there was such diversity in the stories, looks...everything!


Finally, who can forget THE SISTERHOOD, run by Sagewoman and Windy. NO man was safe when they were around! :P

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I remeber hanging out at the Wind and Rain pub and something was always going on there. Laughter, 'bar fights', stories... Running around playing pranks (as Legna). Being spoiled ;)


As Assira I spent a lot of time at Howling Gates, learning from Kittiness, dancing, listening to stories.


Also use to participate in quests for the fun of it. Seeing what new twist... some where pretty random and silly. But still had fun.


I would get so caught up in MD that I would procrastinate on homework for college.


Papers did use to be a big thing. With as many people there, it was away for them to connect with you and clicking their papers reminded people who they were. A lot of people to remember back then.


Now since we all know each other that part of the papers is not required as much.


I started as Legna around August 2008 and as Assira March 2009. One of the things I had fun with was keeping it a secret that the two had the same player. It was fun to see peoples reactions.


I have had many characters but those two are the ones that I still go back too. It was these days that got me hooked on MD. And now I can't escape :P


Even with the 3 1/2 year abscence I always end up coming back to MD. Even during the abscence I did pop back as Hiria to check things out and was blown away at all the improvement to md. Sadly rl had pulled me away from MD at that time.


Hmm... memories :D A lot of them are coming back.

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I started as Legna around August 2008 and as Assira March 2009. One of the things I had fun with was keeping it a secret that the two had the same player. It was fun to see peoples reactions.


I literally gasped as I read that! :))  I never even realised you were Legna, though now I see it's written on your forum profile I feel even sillier! :P

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So Legna is not gone, it is just hard to keep up with both. Though I tend to forget what character met specific people and did certain quests. Lately I focus on my Assira account, but I log on to Legna here and there. Logged on today to show that Legna has not died. Just that I do not log on to her very often. :) there were times in day back then that I would hold conversations between the two to throw off any that we're guessing that they were connected. I had separate instant messengers. It got a bit hairy when I had the same people on both. Lol Amoran suspected the two were connected. Probably because my messengers came on at the same time a couple of times.

Any who the more I talk the more memories surface :D Hehe (and it is getting late. I will probably ramble and repeat myself too much if I stay on. Goodnight)

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Kinda waiting for Chew to pop along and reminisce about there only being the forum... *cough*


I remember the excitement of new lands being opened (MDA was fun), MP2's on the beach, everyone getting kicked out of LR when the guards moved in and all sorts of other fun things

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For me MD is all about people :)


First person I met as nimrodel: Griduchi as an mp2. I somehow made it to a private gg meeting about which i didnt understand a thing :P


first person i disliked: Burns :P he said I was plagiarizing tolkien


Closest friends in MD since then:


1. Shemhazaj: Damn you dude. I dont think anyone can replace you as my best friend. He has been there for me like since I can actualy remember playing md properly. from anime to training to combat to quest to heads hunt to virtually everything, we did did it together. In Gotr there was no shem and nim :P there was always us. Always. I owe GotR for that kind of friendship and Sharazhad of course.


2. Burns: We started as... lol.. really disliked him at the start. But apart from being the other person who is as close as shem, he has always set benchmarks for me. As in, everything i had to compare from rp to combat to stats to skills to wispoints, there was a time when I used to compare everything with him. And unlike shem, who pampers me as his little sister, this guy has always been a critic. A positive critic but a critic. A critic who has always helped in every aspect of MD. And real life. damn.. I dont think i could've made it out of my depression if it werent for Burns and shem.


3. Dst: Gawd how i hated this female upto a certain point. Yoshi and his quest changed everything. She is one of my closest friends in MD now. Thanks to her I also got to know No one and Eon. To some extent at least. And they arent really that bad as they appear to be. 'Evil' is fun :3


4. Reggie aka Princ Rhaegar: A friend of mine named addy told me that he always call him Prink because thats how his name is spelt :P Reggie and I fought like every moment in the past because at that time we absolutely refused to accept each other's differences :P I guess thats changed over time. We still have really different opinions. But We've learnt to accept them and appreciate each other's awesomeness :D


5. Valldore: I miss this guy :( I hope he comes back soon to MD. :( He was more of a competitor in terms of questing and thats how I got to know him. We've had our share of fun :)


Other people who've made my MD time awesome:

Firsanthalas ( I was, am and will be always loyal to him),

Marvolo ( introduced me to MD combat. and how to enjoy the game. thanks Marv. :))

Amber chan (we barely spend anytime talking to each other, but this person is sooooo likeable. You talk to her and you feel comfortale immediately. I think she fits will all kinds of people. Thats like a huge talent. >>)

Chewett (Thanky for teaching me patience and respect for people's space. Warning you do not take md bugs on yim. He'll lose it. :P)

Lazarus: for making those incredible avatars. >.> I just cant get enough of them.

Draconas: For giving me a reason to roleplay :) Otherwise i was pretty mechanical person who stuck to questing and combat >>

Griduchi: For making GG fun and making me push him all the way as long as I was in GG. I was basically his calendar, memo, personal secretary stuff -.- He never remembers meetings. I have pmed him on FB too to remind him of LHO meetings >>

Pipstickz: Who gave a lot of things a new meaning. We dont talk much now dunno why. But We were pretty good friends in the past >>

Fond memories:

Working in mcvitie's bar as a bar maid. :) (this was as Esmerelda)

Winning my first wishpoint in Burnsy's first quest :)

Becoming an LHo

Winning gold in heads (thank you ni chan. And thank you sasha. You and shadow made the hunt incredible by abusing that no creatures take all heads bug. :3)

All those cleaning sessions with draco :))

Becoming a member of Knights

Becoming a member of GG

Becoming a member of SoS

Becoming member of three organisations (mentioned above) which had only men in them :P

Combat sessions with shem and Burns :) I remember trying to defeat every ritual that burns kept at fight club with an ele. That was the strongest creature i had in those days :P

Quest planning with darky :3 Darky coded my first quest and both of use have come a lot ahead after that.

First chat with Mur in MD. He surprised me with a small gift :)

Getting my flute turned into a revival item.

Wow.. so many memories. MD has always been constant in my life. Through thick and thin.


The absolute best part of MD: CHRISTMAS CARD EXCHANGE. Its like your own personal bunch of happiness. It feels sooooo awesome to recieve a card from the other part of the world. I have all the cards i have recieved till now. They are really precious for me :)

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