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MD Anniversary: Day 1

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Hello all!
Here is the full list of events, locations and times for the first day of the 10th Anniversary.
00:00ST - No jump links

  • Heat war Pt.1 begins - All MD
  • Tag war Pt.1 begins - MDA
  • Word War II - Gazebo of Gravitational Sound (MDA)

13:30ST - Jump links

  • First war break
  • Questopolis Pt.1 begins - Howling Gates (NC)

15:30ST - No Jump links

  • Questopolis Pt.1 ends
  • Heat war Pt.2 begins - All MD
  • Tag war Pt.2 begins - MDA
  • Word War II - Gazebo of Gravitational Sound (MDA)

18:00ST - Jump links

  • Second war break
  • Questopolis Pt.2 begins - All areas excluding NC

19:30ST - No jump links

  • Questopolis Pt.2  ends
  • Heat war final begins - All MD
  • Tag war final begins - MDA
  • Word War II - Gazebo of Gravitational Sound (MDA)

22:00ST - Jump Links

  • Heat war ends
  • Tag war ends
  • Questopolis Pt.3 begins - Winds Sanctuary (MB)

23:00ST - Jump Links

  • Questopolis ends
  • Winner Announcements - Fountain of the Lost Path (MDA)

Ongoing throughout the day

  • Word war I - judging
  • Art war - judging

For more details on quests being held please go to the following pages:
Heat War
Tag War
Word War
Art War
Hopefully you will all find something that will take your fancy, as there is plenty going on!
I urge people to have fun and try to take part in as much as possible; remember that all birthday participants will receive the 10th Birthday achievement as well as big rewards!
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask myself or any of those involved in the running of quests throughout the day.

Please be aware that there will be few jump links. This is due to the heat war.
Apologies in advance for this.

Edited by Sasha Lilias
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Rhyme off


During day 1 I will be holding a rhyme off in the gazeebo of sound all day.


Its a bit like a rap battle, only without the swearing and racism...


The goal - to defeat your opponent in a battle of wits whereby your verbal skills make them look like a chump.


Some rounds will just be for fun, and then there will be reward rounds where you have to battle up a pyramid to win. -EG A +B compete, B wins, C + D compete D wins, then B and D compete.


The rhyme off champion will win a special reward, and that person will be decided once the day ends.



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