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Well as this is the new rave :)


My list:


Bundle of Stems 
Neatly wrapped with a wet handkerchief to be kept moist. 
Fossilised woodlouse 
A bit of rock with the remains of an old woodlouse embedded. 
Silver faucet 
A tap. Probably broken off by a careless adventurer... 
Leather strap 
Solid leather strap that could be wrapped around the waist as a belt. 
Poker Chip 
A dusty poker chip. Gamblers in MD? 
Stuffed Lemure 
A strange animal lost by a hasty traveller. It is redish and has a long fluffy tail. 
Sugared newt 
A live newt that got lost in a sugar bowl 
Twisted Candle Holder 
Used to be a candle holder until someone used it to break coconuts. 
Also most that i have in my inventory is for sale as well (~70 items).
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