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Of thoughts and things regarding toxicity.


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I haven't been fully "around" for some years, I admit. And to some, I know there will be the obvious chatter of rebuttal regarding my absence, as is expectant of their ways.

Now... With that preface, I'm going to do some explaining like, at least, on my end why I've only bothered to poke my head around every now and then.

MD is MD. There is no other way to truly describe it. I refuse, essentially, to really call it a game, in all honesty. Maybe a collaboration of creative minds infused with the sciences, particularly philosophy (even somewhat diluted in its usage). It makes no sense, truly, to call it a game (for me). And because of that, I kind of feel that trying to place a square peg in a round hole leads to a lot of friction, and trying to stuff corners where they needn't be stuffed.

Essentially, what we have is a melting pot of ideas and personalities. Nothing wrong with that, aside from the often occurrence of bickering and differences. I get it. Cultural, sociological, and lifestyle differences come about often. At times, the door is shut completely to communication for various reasons. But for me... It's kind of because of my knowledge regarding the why's and the what's that, for my health and well being, I can't remain heavily involved in MD.

Believe me, I'd like to. I have dear friends. Folk who I trust and care for; but it's like a work relationship, almost. Can't be near them in MD, but will happily enjoy their company outside of it.

The preservation of my friendships mean more to me than passing time. Not only that... But, the additional stress isn't worth it for me. I care deeply about things. This that, to some, may be menial. Such as MDA.

I'm not necessarily writing this with any purpose, just starting a discussion of any sort, I suppose. An opinion or viewpoint, perhaps.

With that said, have at me, bro.

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