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Heat Orbs unfair power gain.

Robin hood

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I belive i read somewere that befor you could buy additional heat orbs from the MD cash shop, and can no longer buy them.

Some people have 5 heat power orbs, meaning they can have like 6000 max heat i belive or higher.

When using this in combat they are able to gain alot more stat gains than anyone else can gain, removing the heat orbs from the MD shop gives all old players an unfiar advantage as new players will never be able to catch them people with more heat orbs stats once being used correctly.

A suggestion either remove the people who have additonal orbs and refund them the $ or make the heat orbs avaiable in the MD shop again.

People being able to gain alot more stats than other players due to heat is an unfair advantage in my eyes, and should be corrected. Them people with the additonal heat orbs have had it lucky untill now i belive, and this should be made to rebalance the game back.

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The heat orbs are still in the MD shop

they are under extra features and look like a goblet with a yellow ball in them

it is not also unfair to have them as they dont help give anything unless yo fight and i trained quite some time before getting 2 of them

though they help out alot there are other things in the shop that can help out even more if you use them correctly

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No what i ment was if they still didnt exist in the MD shop it would have made it unfair, and what i read somewere about them being removed must have been a mistake, if they are still there then thats cool by me.

I got to the end of MP3 without understanding heat. but now i understand it, im ready for MP4 and to create some havok.

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also max usable heat is around 4000 so even if they can get 6000 heat there is no point

The two extra orbs are useful if you forget to store heat. 8D

Besides that, I think heat will have other uses like with protector spell casting.

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Hey, don't worry :) I didn't know what heat was untill I got to mp4 as well. And then I started fighting with just 1k heat, you guys have it good. In the old days, heat was different, no orbs and stuff, and no friggin max heat... Man, just when I found out about heat, the great big 'nerf' came. Because some 'certain players' like biggie, who at one point had like 88k heat or some other number that was sufficient for an entire day... (you couldn't store remember)... grmbl... ruined chances... grmbl...

D*mn You Stat Wh*r*s!!!


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sorry bunny at one point i had 20-30k but it was to get me threw the college day, i rather liked the fact you could have max heat all day expecially since at that point i had about 800 more wins then losses and i couldnt prepare to attack everyone unless i wanted -200 honor fights. Id quickly of lost all my honor and been extra negative.

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