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MD 10th Birthday Quest - Day 10 - Castle of Epicness

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Quest: Castle of Epicness


Task: Build a fort that a person can fit in.


  • Must be able to hold a person
  • Can be built out of any material
  • Can be built in any location
  • Can have as many oddities as you like, for example a moat, or an ensuite bathroom...
  • Must have a flag on it that says Happy MD 10th Birthday


Judges: Z & Blackshade Rider


Judged on: Scale, Uniqueness of design, ridiculousness, location, small details


Rewards: 1 sandcastle for every submission. 1 x anni aramour for worst submission


1st : WP or Wind Drach (their choice)

2nd: WP or Wind Drach ( which ever is left)

3rd: 1g


Submissions: 3 photos from different angles of your fort, one must have a person inside and visible, sent to myself and Blackshade Rider via forum PM.


Great reveal to be carried out on the final day of MD Birthday sometime after 15:00st, location the aramoury, where winners will be announced.


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1 x anniversary aramour added to go to the worst submission. That's right, even the most terrible ineffective piece of junk you can build will win you a prize!


Don't forget, a fort isn't hard to build. You probably did it as a kid with sofa cushions or a bed sheet! Get your brain back into kid mode! and if you don't want to show your face and have no mates willing to hide in your mystic fort of wonderment? Wear a mask!



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Well, I feel like doing this the wrong way, so here be more than 3 pictures of my 425 square ft. (25 ft by 17 ft) castle of epicness, my basement. I've even got a flag mounted on an analog TV antenna (which is currently disconnected). It has a total of 4 TV's, 4 desktop towers, 2 laptops, 1 server, 5 monitors, 3 couches, an entire bookshelf of Star Trek, Murphy's Computer Law, and The Land of Make Believe.

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Create castle of lush and wealth


Inclusive of but not limited to:


Three towers:


Steel gate:


Fur carpets, window, throne, central heating

Treasury of lotsamoney 
Huge front garden of flowers
Pretty king

Flag on the arrival of the king.



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Assira's submission:



Placement as follows:


1st Miq

2nd Assira

3rd Bored

Worst Den> Bored





Flag - yes
Fits person - yes
Details - Lots of details, rugs, treasure, a gate. Large design. Overturned furniture for manufacture.


Flag - yes
Fits person - yes
Details - Made with stacked backpacks? and a sheet. Only just fits a person, Assira looks like she stole a midget's den! Guard dog drawing from another quest. Fine rug carpeting.


Flag - yes
Fits person - yes
Details - Cannot confirm the glowing stars as no image of them. Real guard dog. Used sheet on existing space. Small.






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