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MD 10th Birthday Quest - Day 8 - Herbology of Death

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Create a deadly potion! Carry out a deadly ritual!


Step 1:

Research the common herbs and vegetables you use in the kitchen, and design a deadly potion out of their supposed magical properties.

Post your list of ingredients and required tools on this thread to sign up.


Step 2:

On day 8 of the MD Birthday, April 21st, you will be requested to choose a willing...or not so willing...victim from the group in attendance, and carry out a live RP ritual of death! (live in game)

  • make your potion live
  • use the people there as helpers should you choose to
  • Pick a victim and carry out a deadly ritual in public, using your potion

Judged on: Research, How well your design concept works, Creativity, RP flair, Audience participation


Judges: Z & Phan




1st: tainted angien

2nd: Morph

3rd: 100 tea leaves & anniversary aramour


We can tailor the time and place to you so these can happen at random points, just let me know when you're going to be live.

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  • 2 weeks later...

No sign ups yet, this is due to go ahead tomorrow but only if we get sign ups!


remember step 1:


Step 1:

Research the common herbs and vegetables you use in the kitchen, and design a deadly potion out of their supposed magical properties.

Post your list of ingredients and required tools on this thread to sign up.



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Due to lack of participation up to this point I was going to shut this down.


However, a couple of people have said they would like to do it, just haven't been able to submit/haven't seen the thread/weren't available for the ritual today.


Therefore, I am extending this quest a little. You can submit until midday Friday, and I will host your ritual at any time between 14:00 - 02:00 today, tomorrow and thursday. On Friday, I will host until 16:30. You cannot hold your ritual during any scheduled events



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Unidentified Plants


Toxic Plants

Toxic Gas

Rain Water

Wiiya Bubbles

Sticky Goop

Bottle of Red Wine





Edit Time: Day 9 - 08:00ST

Edited by Eagle Eye
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Ive specified the following: I will host your ritual at any time between 14:00 - 02:00 today, tomorrow and thursday. On Friday, I will host until 16:30


8am doesn't fall into that bracket...if I'm awake then, by all means come prod me, but I can't guarantee it



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Eagle Eye performs a Deadly Ritual & DarkRaptor performs a Revival Ritual - Subject: MRAlyon.


Sifted Logs, below.



[23/04/15 16:47] Zleiphneir:would anyone here like to be a victim of a herbology class?
[23/04/15 16:48] MRAlyon:me:-)
[23/04/15 16:48] Zleiphneir: *nods* and would anyone else here be
[23/04/15 16:49] Zleiphneir:Eagle eye...
[23/04/15 16:50] *Eagle Eye*:Yes, Z
[23/04/15 16:50] Zleiphneir:please tell me your ingredient list
[23/04/15 16:50] Zleiphneir:I know you have listed it elsewhere...but for the public, what is your list
[23/04/15 16:51] *Eagle Eye*:Items Unidentified Plants Flowers Toxic Plants Toxic Gas Rain Water Wiiya Bubbles Sticky Goop Bottle of Red Wine Cauldron
[23/04/15 16:52] Zleiphneir: *nods* and MrAlyon, are you sure you consent to this?
[23/04/15 16:53] MRAlyon:I will die?
[23/04/15 16:53] Zleiphneir:You might. He's going to try to kill you after all.
[23/04/15 16:54] *Eagle Eye*:hehheh
[23/04/15 16:54] MRAlyon:yeah... all we need to try this part of life no?:-)
[23/04/15 16:55] Zleiphneir:well im sure we can attempt a revival if you do die...
[23/04/15 16:55] Zleiphneir: *coughs* well then, Eagle Eye, the floor is yours.
[23/04/15 16:56] *Eagle Eye*:.
[23/04/15 16:58] *Eagle Eye*:Preparing the items Items Unidentified Plants Flowers Toxic Plants Toxic Gas Rain Water Wiiya Bubbles Sticky Goop Bottle of Red Wine and with the tools Cauldron
[23/04/15 17:01] *Eagle Eye*:First Cauldron preparation
[23/04/15 17:02] *Eagle Eye*:I mixed 10 rain waters to the cauldron
[23/04/15 17:03] *Eagle Eye*:5 minutes to wait for the next ingredients
[23/04/15 17:04] *Eagle Eye*:rain waters ready and getting hot
[23/04/15 17:06] *Eagle Eye*:I mixed 10 undentified plants to the cauldron
[23/04/15 17:06] *Eagle Eye*:another 5 minutes to wait for the next ingredients
[23/04/15 17:08] *Eagle Eye*:this unidentified is very useful for using as a deadly. becaus is not familiar plants;)
[23/04/15 17:08] *Eagle Eye*:unidenfied plants ready and getting mystery
[23/04/15 17:09] *Eagle Eye*:I mixed 20 toxic plants to the cauldron
[23/04/15 17:10] *Eagle Eye*:10 minutes to wait for the next ingredients
[23/04/15 17:11] *Eagle Eye*:this toxic is very dangerous and useful making a deadly potion
[23/04/15 17:11] *Eagle Eye*:*plants
[23/04/15 17:12] MRAlyon: (is starting to think that he will die really:-(((()
[23/04/15 17:12] *Eagle Eye*:looks on the cauldron pretty awesome.
[23/04/15 17:12] Zleiphneir: (I did warn you ... )
[23/04/15 17:13] *Eagle Eye*:Ready for this next ingredients
[23/04/15 17:13] MRAlyon: (for try EE experiment I can also die)
[23/04/15 17:14] *Eagle Eye*:I mixed sticky goop to the cauldron
[23/04/15 17:15] *Eagle Eye*:5 minutes wait for the next ingredients;)
[23/04/15 17:16] *Eagle Eye*:sticky goop is usefull to warm your body and feel the sticky;)
[23/04/15 17:17] *Eagle Eye*:looks on the cauldron and smell
[23/04/15 17:17] *Eagle Eye*:the cauldron ready for the next ingredients

[23/04/15 17:18] JadenDew:Nᆹऄaऄaऄaऄa
[23/04/15 17:18] *Eagle Eye*:I mixed 10 toxic gas to cauldron
[23/04/15 17:18] JadenDew:Ѡऄaᴌ aℜଽ Ꭹou makiղᎶ ऄଽℜଽ~
[23/04/15 17:18] :Zleiphneir covers his nose and mouth
[23/04/15 17:19] JadenDew:ѠऄᎩ iގ ᴌऄଽℜଽ ѡଽiℜd ގouղdގ iղ ᴌऄଽ backᎶℜouղd
[23/04/15 17:19] *Eagle Eye*:15 minutes to wait for the next ingredients
[23/04/15 17:19] Zleiphneir:Eagle Eye is carrying out his herbology of death ritual...on MRAlyon...
[23/04/15 17:19] MRAlyon: (I'm tryind to die in peace Jaden)
[23/04/15 17:20] JadenDew:Im ղoᴌ quiᴌଽ ގuℜଽ ѡऄᎩ a Ꮆuaℜdiaղ of bob ଽղcouℜaᎶଽގ killliղᎶ թଽoթlଽ ѡiᴌऄ թlaղᴌގ•• buᴌ maᎩbଽ ᴌऄaᴌ ގomଽऄoѡ fiᴌގ••
[23/04/15 17:20] Zleiphneir:Im not encouraging anything.... *puts his hand back over his nose and mouth*
[23/04/15 17:20] JadenDew:⁂ᎶiᎶᎶlଽގ⁂ So Ꭹou ގaᎩ~
[23/04/15 17:20] *Eagle Eye*:The smell on the air not good;)
[23/04/15 17:21] JadenDew:doղᴌ miղd ᴌऄଽ Ꮆiℜl ގթଽakiղᎶ cuℜlᎩ aղd coղᴌiղuଽ թlଽaގଽ•• ގoℜℜᎩ!
[23/04/15 17:21] *Eagle Eye*:The cauldron is ready for the next ingredients
[23/04/15 17:22] *Eagle Eye*:I mixed 10 wiiya bubbles to the cauldron
[23/04/15 17:22] :blackshade rider shakes his head
[23/04/15 17:23] blackshade rider:fun fun so much fun
[23/04/15 17:23] *Eagle Eye*:5 minutes to wait for the next ingredients
[23/04/15 17:24] *Eagle Eye*:The cauldron getting bubbles up in the sky around. be carefull;)
[23/04/15 17:24] :Zleiphneir stands inside the gazeebo just in case
[23/04/15 17:24] *Eagle Eye*:the smell pretty to bad;))
[23/04/15 17:25] :MRAlyon plays with bubbles like a child
[23/04/15 17:25] *Eagle Eye*:Looks at the cauldron and now ready for the next ingredients
[23/04/15 17:26] *Eagle Eye*:I mixed 30 flowers to the cauldron
[23/04/15 17:27] *Eagle Eye*:20 minutes to wait for the next step
[23/04/15 17:28] *Eagle Eye*:This flower can be smell good and the aroma of temptation can be come died
[23/04/15 17:29] *Eagle Eye*:Looks at the cauldron bubbling and the colors mixed up
[23/04/15 17:31] *Eagle Eye*:Looks again on the cauldron and the potion is readyready;)
[23/04/15 17:32] *Eagle Eye*:Cutaneous explosure to this poison can kill
[23/04/15 17:33] :MRAlyon tockes the strange mixture
[23/04/15 17:33] :JadenDew mutters
[23/04/15 17:33] MRAlyon:*touches
[23/04/15 17:34] JadenDew:you better not die MRAlyon.. You owe me coloured paper loyalty
[23/04/15 17:34] JadenDew:Well not precisely "owe" but I dont know better how to phrase it sorry ><
[23/04/15 17:35] *Eagle Eye*:I get the bottle of wine and mixed the potion from the cauldron
[23/04/15 17:35] MRAlyon:you will have them Jaden... as promised:-)
[23/04/15 17:35] :blackshade rider offers to taste the potion
[23/04/15 17:35] MRAlyon:for your hand naturally:-))))))
[23/04/15 17:35] *Eagle Eye*:This wine of bottle very dangerous to temp MRAlyon
[23/04/15 17:36] Zleiphneir:two volunteers...oh my...
[23/04/15 17:36] JadenDew:._. wut? No~!
[23/04/15 17:37] *Eagle Eye*:The smell of the red wine with potion pretty goodness marvelous
[23/04/15 17:37] MRAlyon:you have to run a quest blackshade:-)
[23/04/15 17:37] blackshade rider:huh
[23/04/15 17:37] MRAlyon: (let me die alone)
[23/04/15 17:38] blackshade rider:oh
[23/04/15 17:38] blackshade rider:ill get on my alt and kill him
[23/04/15 17:38] blackshade rider:again
[23/04/15 17:38] *Eagle Eye*:get his small glass made of wood and pours some red winewine and give to MRAlyon
[23/04/15 17:39] :JadenDew mutters about poisoned wine
[23/04/15 17:39] :MRAlyon drinks the small glass in one breath
[23/04/15 17:40] :MRAlyon is starting to fell bad
[23/04/15 17:40] :MRAlyon or is just is mind
[23/04/15 17:40] *Eagle Eye*:its starts as flue
[23/04/15 17:41] :Esmaralda passed Bottle of Tequila to dst
[23/04/15 17:41] :Esmaralda passed Beer stein to Eagle Eye
[23/04/15 17:41] *Eagle Eye*:and does not get better and then
[23/04/15 17:42] *Eagle Eye*:all of the sudden your resiratory system collapse
[23/04/15 17:44] :[Spell] Drink the potion MRAlyon

[23/04/15 17:45] *Eagle Eye*:MRAlyon drink the diedly potionpotion and he feel pain
[23/04/15 17:46] :Zleiphneir splutters under his hand
[23/04/15 17:46] :MRAlyon booooooooooooooooo


[23/04/15 17:46] :Zleiphneir makes some notes about EE's ritual
[23/04/15 17:47] Zleiphneir:well..we now have a dead man...does anyone want to attempt the opposite and bring him back?
[23/04/15 17:47] MRAlyon: (I'm just dead ahahahahahah)
[23/04/15 17:48] MRAlyon: (none cares about me:-((((((((((()
[23/04/15 17:49] Zleiphneir: *looks around* nobody?
[23/04/15 17:50] darkraptor:i may try a ritual..

[23/04/15 17:50] *Eagle Eye*: (Me i care for you)
[23/04/15 17:50] JadenDew: ( >.>? )
[23/04/15 17:51] *Eagle Eye*:Yes, dark hehehe
[23/04/15 17:51] JadenDew:Alyon is dead ><
[23/04/15 17:51] Zleiphneir:of course he's dead what did you expect!
[23/04/15 17:51] :MRAlyon falls in love for dark
[23/04/15 17:51] Zleiphneir:with a fine potion maker like EE, it would be hard for him not to be!
[23/04/15 17:51] *Eagle Eye*:He drink a deadly potion
[23/04/15 17:51] JadenDew:Nooooo.. you can't go too dark.. I need your Elu for coloured paper..
[23/04/15 17:51] Zleiphneir:darkraptor...you offer your services?
[23/04/15 17:52] MRAlyon:Jaden thinks just to her business... ahahahah
[23/04/15 17:52] darkraptor:yes
[23/04/15 17:52] JadenDew:No youare my friends >.>
[23/04/15 17:52] Zleiphneir:is it to help MRAlyon or to Kill someone else?
[23/04/15 17:52] MRAlyon:and my poor soul???
[23/04/15 17:52] JadenDew:my coloured paper friends
[23/04/15 17:52] darkraptor:to help Alyon
[23/04/15 17:53] Zleiphneir: *nods* and what form will your attempt take?
[23/04/15 17:53] *Eagle Eye*:You are not poor soul you are bliss
[23/04/15 17:53] JadenDew:yesyes coloured paper friends hould help each other~
[23/04/15 17:53] MRAlyon: (thanks dark)
[23/04/15 17:53] darkraptor:a ritual
[23/04/15 17:53] darkraptor:simple, but hopefully efective..
[23/04/15 17:53] Zleiphneir:a ritual! wonderful. If you have ingredients, please list them.

[23/04/15 17:56] darkraptor:I will use grasan fat,sawdust and TOMATO as ingredients
[23/04/15 17:56] :Zleiphneir notes down the ingredients
[23/04/15 17:56] darkraptor:and a bucket and my sword as tools
[23/04/15 17:57] :JadenDew giggles at the TOMATO
[23/04/15 17:57] :MRAlyon hates fresh tomato:-(
[23/04/15 17:57] JadenDew: (are huge tomatoes in the RP shop? I should buy some for my healer role :) ) )
[23/04/15 17:57] Zleiphneir:very well. darkraptor, the floor is yours
[23/04/15 17:57] darkraptor:and.. a connection with a old Friend...

[23/04/15 18:00] :darkraptor looks at the body in the floor
[23/04/15 18:01] darkraptor:We are here for a reason
[23/04/15 18:02] darkraptor:A Fighter of this realm has fallen
[23/04/15 18:02] darkraptor:and his body lies at our sight
[23/04/15 18:02] darkraptor:A warriors fate is to do his work well
[23/04/15 18:03] darkraptor:And sometimes to foolishly drink what he shouldnt...
[23/04/15 18:03] darkraptor:As in all battles,
[23/04/15 18:03] darkraptor:no matter how brave you are or fight..
[23/04/15 18:03] darkraptor:You May Fall.
[23/04/15 18:04] darkraptor:Alyon have fall at eyes of many
[23/04/15 18:04] darkraptor:so action must be taken
[23/04/15 18:04] :darkraptor mixes some grasan fat with sawdust in his bucket
[23/04/15 18:04] :darkraptor walks around the body pouring the grease forming a semi-closed circle
[23/04/15 18:04] darkraptor:Alyon,
[23/04/15 18:05] darkraptor:The head of the MR,
[23/04/15 18:05] darkraptor:Commited to his ally like none other..
[23/04/15 18:05] darkraptor:Highly respected by his fellow citizens and friends..
[23/04/15 18:05] :darkraptor takes his sword and swings it at the floor igniting the semi-closed circle like a torch
[23/04/15 18:06] darkraptor:I call your spirit Molquert!
[23/04/15 18:06] :darkraptor olds a tomato on his hand
[23/04/15 18:06] darkraptor:Please Bless this tomato and make it a fruit of knowledge
[23/04/15 18:07] :darkraptor notices a blast of energy surounding the place
[23/04/15 18:07] :Zleiphneir holds on to a gazeebo post
[23/04/15 18:08] :darkraptor still hold the tomato as it turns into fruit of knowledge
[23/04/15 18:08] darkraptor:Here the fruit of knowledge!
[23/04/15 18:08] darkraptor:Thank you Molquert!
[23/04/15 18:08] :darkraptor turns to the dead body
[23/04/15 18:09] darkraptor:It is Our wish and our duty
[23/04/15 18:09] darkraptor:To bring Life to the GG Fighter!
[23/04/15 18:09] :darkraptor approaches the body and squishes the fruit on Alyon
[23/04/15 18:10] :darkraptor realises that even dead he tries not to eat tomato.. shame on him..
[23/04/15 18:10] :darkraptor forces the juice into Alyons mouth
[23/04/15 18:11] darkraptor:There.. that should do it.
[23/04/15 18:11] :darkraptor expects Alyon body to awake
[23/04/15 18:12] darkraptor:Rise Fighter!!
[23/04/15 18:12] :MRAlyon faster than Gesu'
[23/04/15 18:13] :MRAlyon 3 days against 3 mins
[23/04/15 18:13] :MRAlyon ahahahah
[23/04/15 18:13] :darkraptor failed to cast a spell
[23/04/15 18:13] :[Spell] RaiseNow! MRAlyon
[23/04/15 18:13] :darkraptor uses some sand to extinguish the fire on the floor
[23/04/15 18:13] :MRAlyon is back!!!!!!


[23/04/15 18:13] *Eagle Eye*: *bravo* while clapping crying. Very touchable and im touch the story
[23/04/15 18:14] MRAlyon:yeah really amazing work dark
[23/04/15 18:14] Zleiphneir:Phew...got a bit worried for a second there... *claps and makes a note of the ritual* .
[23/04/15 18:14] MRAlyon:thaks very much
[23/04/15 18:14] darkraptor:You should thank Molquert *smiles*
[23/04/15 18:14] *Eagle Eye*:Thank you dark hehehe
[23/04/15 18:14] MRAlyon:I have finished to be cavy of your experiments!!!!:-)
[23/04/15 18:15] :MRAlyon lol
[23/04/15 18:15] MRAlyon:yeah yeah thanks Molquert!!!
[23/04/15 18:16] MRAlyon:amazing taste the sacred fruit
[23/04/15 18:16] Zleiphneir: *nods solmnly* thank you Molquert
[23/04/15 18:16] darkraptor:now.. Alyon.. stop drinking every cr*p you put your hands on :-P
[23/04/15 18:16] :Zleiphneir chuckles
[23/04/15 18:16] MRAlyon:yeah... I will stop:-)
[23/04/15 18:16] *Eagle Eye*:hehehe
[23/04/15 18:16] MRAlyon:ahaha
[23/04/15 18:17] MRAlyon:my stupid curiosity:-)

[23/04/15 18:17] Zleiphneir:is there anyone else who would like to perform a deadly ritual while we are at it?
[23/04/15 18:18] :Zleiphneir nods and snaps his fingers, his book appears from nowhere and eats his notes then disappears again
[23/04/15 18:18] Zleiphneir:thank you eagle eye, darkraptor and alyon.
[23/04/15 18:19] *Eagle Eye*:many thanks hehehe
[23/04/15 18:19] darkraptor:the need of the revival was unexpected :-P
[23/04/15 18:19] MRAlyon:really enjoyed the moment:-)
[23/04/15 18:19] darkraptor:thank you Z
[23/04/15 18:19] MRAlyon:thanks very much
[23/04/15 18:19] :*Sunfire* offers tequila to rinse the taste away
[23/04/15 18:20] MRAlyon:for now?????
[23/04/15 18:20] Zleiphneir:unespected twists are always fun *chuckles*
[23/04/15 18:20] MRAlyon:nedd to be scared about these words???
[23/04/15 18:20] JadenDew:yay my coloured paper friend is alive again :3
[23/04/15 18:20] Zleiphneir:well who knows what might happen to you in the future Alyon!
[23/04/15 18:20] *Eagle Eye*: *laughs* its true Z
[23/04/15 18:20] :*Sunfire* passed Bottle of Tequila to darkraptor



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Final comments:


We feel darkraptor should get his dues, he came up with something on the fly and it takes effort to get something impromptu going. It could never look the same as someone who had time to plan. However, even with that consideration taken into account, we feel eagle eye's was detailed, well delivered, containing flair and character which could have been equaled but was not. He also really made an effort to make comments to keep the audience engaged. Therefore:


1st: EE

2nd: DR


Thanks for taking part




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