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Day 1 - Rhyme off

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Running for all of Day while Z is awake at the Gazeebo of Sound


Similar to a rap battle.


You can choose to have a personal battle and slate each other, or I can give you a topic.


No swearing, and don't get too close to the bone or you'll get frogged.


You have 4 bleeps a turn. (as in, you write and press enter 4 times)

You can use just 1 or all 4 of those.

When you finish, put a full stop so the other player knows to go.


The battle is decided by the crowd. Any person watching the battle can shout Burn when they think the rhyme is sharp enough. If enough people agree on it, that person wins.


Where the crowd isn't paying attention or is asleep, I will make a call on it.


Prizes are a WP for the day winner, and 25 rhyme dictionary items.





Rhymes so far....




Topic: Romantic movies

Whats the matterh,ghost , is there no reason to find, to prove that love can't be blind? Cuz if so i can be your host, show you what matters the most

*Sasha Lilias*:
You want to tell me a story about lovers? Please! That's for little old mothers.
Kissing here and kissing there? URGH! Just makes me want to pull out my hair.
If you want some real fun, come on over here hun.
I'll show you a good time, I might even teach you to rhyme.

Come there for what? Pft, can't even tip my hat to that... You're missing some stuff, Might be a little rough , for one like you to understand , cause you need to "feel" beforehand.
Why'd you think Rose cried, when poor Jack died?

*Sasha Lilias*:
Rose cried, when Jack died? Well that's a shame, seems a little lame. I'm quite happy not having to feel, makes little brats like you seem just a little less real.
What do you know about love little girl? You and blut? Oh please...I think I'm going to hurl...
 A real man is what you need, if love is what you seek. But I guess that'll be hard...when you quite so bleak.

I'm pretty sorry you're so bitter, you'd never understand emotion, you must be a quitter... how about devotion?
See love is like a tango, but you can't dance, how about your little mango, can he do romance?

Witty Wins

Topic: 80s training montages

This is going to get a little rocky, and I don't mean to sound cocky
The tiger's eye is inside of me, you're just a little weenie

Sir Blut:
You're worse than a rocky iv, training montage, horrible
 its possible, ill hit you with your own cane, turn you into powder
the power I'll take you out of, because my rhymes are sinister
I'm a little weenie but you're just a little nut ;)

I'm a keen little nut, prepare to get cut
My rymes are jagged, in the ring you'll lay ragged
SHOUTS: Crunch crunch crunch. ko!!

Sir Blut:
You;ve already left me ragged, hearing your lines, I'm laughin
The dragon, you're lucky there were no brackets
I see no intelligent rhymes, I'm ahead of my time
You're jealous of I, you need to train more or slither home, you'll never be like sylvestor stallone

You're continuing on in subsistence, there's no way you can go the distance
Keep punching that little bag of meat, before long I'll have you beat
You might weigh more pounds, but I'll beat you before twelve rounds
No go home cry and wallow, you'll die just like Apollo

Sir Blut:
Alright, I'll dumb down my rhymes, so that I can focus on saying whats right
Size doesn't really matter :p its about how you use your mind
For your lines, I would go home to the willow
And I would wallow because your rhymes are softer than my pillow

After my jog I run up the musem steps, you were an exhibit last time I checks
My hands are high in my victory pose, on the ground is your bleeding nose
My swift punches will knock you down, bugger off ya silly clown!

Rophs wins

Topic: Miley Cyrus

I'm gonna smash you like a wreaking ball, after this match you'll need to crawl.
When I'm done you'll just say "K" so eat a banana, you'll be worse off than a remake of Hannah Montana.

So you're gonna smash me? Just like Miley twerked? I doubt that worked.
hannah montana, banana? what kinde of rhyme is that, just like miley's butt.. flat.
You're gonna cut your hair, and hump people on air? I never meant to start a war, but you took it too far

Girl you must be craaayzay, this ain't no party in the USA
I know that nobody's perfect, but you just can't work it
Like a turd your rhymes are brown, get out of this Hoedown Throwdown

My rhymes may be brown, boy put your ball gown, because their back has curve, so i'm about to swerve
And whatcha speak about USA. boy please, this' Romania, Imma stand tall, smash you like a fly on the wall

Life's what you make it and you make it wrong, you best go back to twerking and put on a thong
I could see you licking a hammer, after dropping the soap in the slammer
You walk into the club high on purp? All of your rhymes are total derp!

I'm having so much fun, but this needs to be done, soon because you're broke, talking to me like a bloke, there's nothing to drop hun, except rhymes, one after one .
And I really don't have time, to see you struggle with the climb, cause there's always gonna be another mountain, and i'm already on top of it,sipping from a chocolate fountain
So take your sorry wigs and go back to your silly gigs

This new jumplink might try to interrupt, but I'll just jab it with my sharp new stirrup
My target is tiny and itty bitty, I think her name was Witty...

Rophs wins




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Due to lack of general participation, all contestants receive a rhyme dictionary.


Rophs wins overall for being the only one to win more than 1 battle.


Phan and I battled a couple of times, but i haven't logged them. Here is one more log for you:



*Sasha Lilias*:
Hey there Phan, how you doin man?
I heard you're a little messed in the head? From spending all that time with the dead?
Perhaps you should see a psych? Before you start going round on a little trike.
Saying "I want to play a game". Cause...you know...that's kinda lame.

You should know sasha, since you are a ghost. It's always dead people I love the most.
Your fotune in gold and items exceed. But your missing the one thing you really need.
A man like me so tall and so brave. Who can ryhme so fine makes women my slave.
So give up on your rhymin cause I am the best. So it can't be done so give it a rest.

*Sasha Lilias*:
A man like you? So tall and brave? HA! Please! You're nothing but a petty knave.
With a beard so slick with oil and...oh god? Is that... *leans closer* is that a boil?!
Oh dear god no, I need not a man like you! A man like you just makes me want to spew!
What you need though, is a bath my dear. For then, of you the ladies wouldn't fear.

So funny a boil you think. Thats my chin so rosey and pink.
I smell manly like the smell of dirt and sweat. A bath indeed is what I would bet.
A bath from you my lovely ghost girl. After my rhymes you'll want to give it a whirl.
I rhyme so smooth, like a caskets new shine. Any place, any where, and style, and time.

*Sasha Lilias*:
Wow... it's not just your smell I need to fear. But also that terrible case of verbal diarrhoea...
True, your words are smooth as silk. But they leave a taste *runs a tongue around her mouth* like spoilt milk.
A bath is what you need, and perhaps a thesaurus to read?
Maybe then you'll learn how to rhyme and I won't just be wasting my time...

I am done with this toying around. Here inside this Gazebo of Sound
I gave you a try, to see how you did. But your rhymes are that for nursery kids.
So go find another, to whom you can beat. Cause to beat me is the rarest of treat.
I have said all there is, and there is no more. Because your rhymes are weak and a bore.

*Sasha Lilias*:
If you're such a big and brave man, then come and give me what you can.
Or is that all you've got? Cause...to be honest...it's not really a lot.
You're puny and weak, boring and oh so bleak.
Now go! Go find a room! And give that filthy beard a groom.

sasha wins as Phan conceeds


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I'll highjack Z's thread and ask this: could it be possible that quests that finished to be locked? It is a lot easier tracking down the ones still active if I have a fast way of dismissing finished one (the lock image if you don't get it :D)?

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