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Dedication to a friend

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  • Root Admin

This quest revolves around remembering any person that changed your MD experience, or you look up to, or merely wish to praise. It can name a person directly or keep it vague if you wish.


Write some words telling us why this person changed your MD world, or why you look up to them, thanking them, whatever.



Send them to me, I will post them anonymously and members can vote. All positive dedications will receive coin/spellstones and the most positively voted/best/whatever will receive an anni aramor.


This quest ends at the end of the anniversary, at the end of the 10th day.


If you have any questions PM me.


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  • Root Admin

I will post these one by one, one load each end of day.


Vote on them with Plus or minus rep but (the same as Z's as I like this idea) ALL reputation given is a +vote, Aka dont neg vote if you dont like them.

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  • Root Admin

Dedication 2:

Out of the multitude of people who have made my time here enjoyable, there's one guy who played the largest role in sparking my interest for the game, and it's to him i want to dedicate those lines.

Thanks for being the mystery guy, for throwing out just enough tiny bits of information to get me intrigued, for doing your mad 'i know you're here, mur' thingy when he still was invisible, and for being the master of trivia, both in knowledge and speed. Many of the things you could do were very questionable, but you rarely ever broke things, and i can't think of a single instance when you made the game less fun for anyone, except for grabbing all the trivia rewards ever and making deals that the other end regretted pretty often ;)

I bet i'll see you at many of the big events, even if we both don't play overly active anymore. Hope you're still well out there!

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  • Root Admin

Dedication 3:

I've been here before; mostly, I believed I knew the ins, outs and abouts, so when I began again I thought I knew what what I was doing.

I walked around, went through the many familiar steps, solved the few familiar puzzles, began trying to talk to the not so familiar faces... was a bit difficult, but it worked out well in the end.

Finally, I began exploring again. It's what I loved doing the first time around, and what eventually led me to the point I'll eventually (and hopefully) make now. I soon found myself impeded by obstacles I hadn't met before, such as viscosity and insane AP costs. It didn't bother me too much, but it was discouraging. Upon closer inspection of the surroundings, I came across quite a few things I was either oblivious of my first time around, or which simply weren’t there. One of these things was a quest – a tutorial quest, to be precise.

I remembered how these went, and thought I’d give it a shot. Needless to say, paths were much easier to follow; all I needed to do was mention what quest I was on, and people would jump out and help as best they could, providing me with the means to access previously inaccessible places. This in itself provoked quite an impulse towards “more”, but was one of the least decisive factors of the bundle of factors which stirred my interest in sticking around. The final part of the quest I would rate as the 2nd most important factor to that end; it had been a very long time since I actually wrote an essay on anything, and this one in particular had me contemplating on aspects I hadn’t previously considered, such as deeper truths. It was intriguing, to say the least.

This essay eventually led to a discussion which acted much like a pair of shackles, in a (perhaps good) way. The discussion was rather short, but meaningful, informative and full of advice. It instilled perspective, and provided me with the insight I apparently needed to stick around; and so I did.

I probably never properly thanked this person - this friend - for doing what he did. Without further ado, thank you - Rhaegar.

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  • Root Admin

Dedication 4:

Dear Chewett,
I know you stated to list only one person, but for me, in all my years of being here in MD, I find there is not one person who has made a large impact for me. In fact, there were numerous. So many people within the many years of being a part of this place. The memories give me goosebumps, almost; and a heightened desire to wish that some were still around.
To start, I suppose I should start from the beginning.
I came to MD not knowing me, in I suppose, the beginning of what would be probably the toughest few years I’d have to go through. It was in MD, that I found people like Pamplemousse, Awiiya, Eon, Ailith, Granos, Kyphis, Brulant, Amoran K Kol, Keith Moon, and lastly, yourself. I could go on and on about what each of these people have given me. But I’m sure this wasn’t supposed to be a five page essay, huh? I’ll do my best.
It’s bitter sweet to look back now. Honestly, if I had my way, I’d be entirely selfish and make them stay-- for those who had left long ago-- or I’d do everything I could to keep them here. But I suppose this does not really answer why I feel the way I do. The reason I chose these few folk is because of the lessons they have given me, the company and support I have received, the endless laughter and fun together.
Pample was the first person I looked up to. And still do. She was someone whose company I really cherished in. Sometimes if I catch her, I get excited, thinking she’s come back. But she’s left long ago.
Awiiya was kind of my inspiration. I’d find him in the location right past the gates of MDA, and we’d sit, and talk. We’d talk about stories with lessons hidden in their meaning, we’d talk about power in our words. Poignancy and putting an effective value behind what we said. I remember getting so frustrated, and angry when he’d criticize my writings. But he pushed me to do well; to put just a touch of me in everything I ever wrote.
Eon-- I could talk so much about this man. I’d probably say he’s one of my best friends in MD, or, was. He helped me so much with the combat system. I remember in the old days he’d message me with silly phrases and we’d ramble together. He’d give me birds, or other creatures to help me out. And he’d threaten to attack people who attacked me, in the dry, threatening way that Eon does, but in a way that has a humorous tint. I don’t know, I loved his humor. I don’t think many understood it.
Ailith showed me how to have fun in MD. She used to be so involved with festivals and setting things up. I don’t think I ever had a day that speaking with her was not full of laughter. She’s fantastic, and I really appreciate her wisdom.
Granos gave me my first Angien. I found him one day on the Angien Island (it’s been so long, forgive me) sitting, and we interacted. I guess I passed the test, because I got an egg! Since then, he’s been such a great friend. I also appreciate the wisdom he’s imparted to me not just about MD, but about life in general.
Kyphis found me before I could find him. I always got angry at him for being a cryptic you know what, sending me on goose chases, implying greater things (yets, you old man, I remember those things you told me). But as much as I got angry at him, for whatever he did, he’s always been such a great support for my MD endeavors. Maybe my over eagerness messed with me by joining an Alliance by MP3... but none the less, I would not take back joining my first, and if things didn’t go as they did, my only alliance.
Brulant was someone who, if you ever got to meet, you would never forget him. He has such a brilliant mind. If his brain was separate of his body, I’d take it and run. No doubt. The man is multi talented as well as quite the genius (I feel). I miss this bugger to pieces.
Amoran K Kol I worshipped, and I always appreciated her antics. Way back when we’d always hang out in various locations, causing havoc. I considered her, like many others way back when, to be one of my closest friends.
Keith Moon was my rival and, like Awii, my inspiration. His written works are beautiful. I honestly wish I had an excerpt to share, as that’s how much I value them. He’s given me numerous critiques and has helped me advance my skills as a writer while I wrote. But none the less, he’s taught me many other things; his brain is another I’d run away with and horde if I could. If he ever shows, pick it a little. I swear it won’t spray on you, he’ll likely just ramble in some poetic nonsense... But it’s fun, I promise. You can trust me.
You, Chewett, have been such a good friend. I remember in the old days when we would bicker, and I’d make you angry. But you never gave up on me, despite numerous times I’d hurt your feelings. Every day I’m very happy to have you as a friend, as you truly are a fantastic one, and quite the minecraft buddy, to boot!
These were the people who were closest to me that I could think of. I may have missed a few, but, they all mean so much to me. And look, you’ve actually got me wiping my eyes. How dare you. But none the less, I do cherish the time I had, and do have. This only reminds me to constantly remind those of how much they do mean, and to tell them every day. Thanks for listening, Chew.

~You Know Who.

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  • Root Admin

Dedication 5:

Handy Pockets- I am big thankfull to kets she help when i ask her a question about MD. When i play MD no knowledge and wisdom. I get bored and leave MD alone. After year i get back to MD walk to the realm MB. Then i saw her on willow shop, i ask help to kets how can i solve berserker's puzzle. Kets give me a dirrection of how MD beautiful. When i solve the berserker's puzzle im happy big smiles;) until then i pursue to play MD. Thanks to kets

Muratus del Mur - I am big thankful to mur, he trust me to organized the events during the day of coder. Thankful for creating MD, i mate a different people on MD, different languages and he give me a Gifts. Thanks to Mur.

Chewett - I am big thankful chew of here to listen me and appreciate everything i do when a smiles;).Im thank chew give me a gift unexpected always. Thank you chew;)

darkraptor - I am big thankful dark he help me coding a quest during party, big events. Always willing to when they have time to code. I am big thankful dark he helps during my mp4, I got 1mil heats permanent when i capped i buy trees with 4mil heats to reduce my xp. thanks dark

Kyphis - I am big thankful to kyphis help me during my quest. He arrange all the things need to works and arrange the quest to make beautiful and accessible for newbies. Thanks Kyphis.

Menhir - I am thankful to my friend menhir help me when i need him, never say no;) always there wen i call here name. Thank you my friend menhir.

Tarquinus - I am big thankful to sir lucas he teach alot about the forest. How to be a knight lately. I salute you. *bows his head and thank you so much sir lucas.

Nadrolski - I am big thankful to nad help me how to be strong and stay happy. give me a gift. apirs thank you bossing nad.

Leixer - I am big thankful to liex for teaching me how to do a battle and win when im awake. He teach me alot. Thank you tol.

I am big thankful to my fellow lorerootians
Amoran, Karak, Tal, tankfans, Valoryn, Lintara, sagewoman, Mya and Krioni thank you for trusting me.

I am big thankful
Krioni, Mralyon, Ailith, pantasm, Princ Rheagar, samon, Pipstickz and Rophs. Thank you for the help during the day of coder.

Azull - I am big thankful to king azull always willing to help when i need him. thank you sir.

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  • Root Admin

Dedication 6:

On one of my first days as an mp3 I was running through Loreroot I ran into you and we sprung up a conversation. You mentioned something about a joker and asked if I'd seen one, I joked that "Oh, I'd understand better if I had one." and then you got me one. Although it might not be super big by any means it helpd shape my spirit in MD. Thank you shemensajzajsadmajalzzahj. (Sorry, I still don't know how to spell your name :c )

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  • Root Admin

Dedication 7:

While every person in MD has given me a memory to hold on to, there are a bunch who have stood by me in my best and worst.
Here's for them:
1. Shemhazaj: Ni chan, my dearest ni chan. Here's one for you: Thank you for the fun times and the anime. You have, are and will be my dearest friend ever, in and out of MD.
When the sun shines, we'll shine together
Told you I'd be here forever

Said I'll always be a friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out 'til the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella
2. Burns: Thank you. For putting in all that effort in making my life better. For giving me so much more than I deserve. For making me feel like a true princess. We both know that I am not in a position to make promises. But, I feel I am at liberty to make one - I promise I will cherish all the memories we have shared and the dreams we had. I will respect every single one of them and hope you find all the happiness you deserve. Here's something I found over the net that I'd like to dedicate to you, to us:
3.dst: You have been such darling. Such a good friend. Thank you for hearing all that I poured out to you. Thank you for saying I am not fat (I still think i am fat >>) and thank you for supporting me, having faith in me through all the good and the bad. Here are two pics for you. One shows me, the other shows *coughs*
4. Reggie: DUUUUUDEEEEE! :D *huggletackleglomp* Yes. He is MY REGGIE. :D He's like a friend you feel like you can talk to anytime in any tone of voice. He has this air of Serbian superiority which erked me so much initially, but now, I love that. Its constant entertainment. The first time i talked to him, he said my voice sounded like a nymph. I was like ROTFLMAO. Its been a while from then, but our friendship survived the worst. Thank you dear reggie :) Thank you for always being there for me as a competitor, a friend and a confidante. Here's a dedication for you:
None of these pics are my property. They have been taken from google.

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