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Losing Informative


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A new player, Sylf, had the following idea:

The tutorial makes it clear that it is NOT bad to lose. So, shouldn't the text be changed from "The loser suffers the humiliation of defeat" so it's not quite such a negative sounding thing?

That's actually a paraphrase, not a quote. :( But, anyways, I see how it's not a big deal in the slightest, but he does have a slight point...in a game where losing is good, why say it's humiliating?

Thoughts? :)

p.s. yes, i know it's not really that big of a deal or in need of dire immediate attention. lol

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Hmm... He does have a point there, but on the other hand, doesn't this correctly reflect the fact that losing makes you humble? :( Being humble is a good, so justified humiliation isn't entirely negative, it can be a good thing. :)

And is there even a way of describing the reason for getting a loss count while telling you that it's sometimes preferred?

"The loser is in masochistic ecstasy over the spectacular defeat and gets a loss counter"? What?! :D

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ROFL! I like that one! It should seriously be used! lol

i don't know how it could be said. it could be something like "Sadly, you have been defeated and gain a loss counter, but victory tomorrow spurs you on!" rofl. okay, not that, but you get the idea :(

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Hmm.. Well, I would think of it like mistakes in real life: they're humiliating, but they help you in the next trial.

Isn't that the thought behind the balance concept? :D No? Okay, maybe it was only meant to prevent stronger people from bashing weaker ones.

My brother once said that Manu "likes to reward losers" and suggested that Manu was one himself. 8D

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