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Fighting NPC / Game player characters

Robin hood

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I decided to wonder around and find a NPC which was the back entrance to loreroot.

Why did all my stats be reduced by 0.2 because i lost the fight i mean WDF ?

There should be some type of warning system saying that if i loose this fight i could loose stats, this is total bulls**t.

This i find is compleaty unfair, you shouldnt loose general stats from loosing a fight, or if you do, you should be warned of this in advanced.

I find it compleaty unfair that i lost stats without warning from combat, VE / VP / AP i can deal with, as this can regenerate, but loosing stats isnt as easy.

This game is about exploring and learning, and if through exploring and learning i loose stats i find its compleaty bull. Its unfair.

this should be changed, change it so if you loose stats from a fight, you should be produced with a warning message EXPECIALLY when your fighting a NPC / type person defending a area your trying to access.

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how are you suoppose to farm a creature you can only kill once ? once you kill him and get access, he is defeted untill the next mind power level ??

So i dont understand how you can say it is to prevent farming.

But loss i can understand

And well considering you can only fight the dude when he is online, i find it evan worse, as you said to prevent loss / farming, as you can farm losses from any player your level, as you have a time set between fights from all players, so it still makes no sense.

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I believe there is a warning in his profile: "Loreroot Guardian that will attack anyone in his range and beyond. His attacks are fast and strong and inflict permanent damage! Can be found at the hidden Loreroot exit in MDA."; plus he's still there even when you defeat him.

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Actually, I don't think there's any reason there SHOULDN'T be permanent damage. You can get negative stats from the storymode too, and it happens just because you took a wrong path in your exploring. It's good balance. Would it make sense in life if you were exploring with a knife and when you accidentally cut yourself there's not at least some chance that you could prevent yourself from being able to play the guitar for a while?

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It does say in most of their bio's and quest logs that they do have a little permanent skill damage roughly 10%

what that means is this when you lose to them whether you attack them or they attack you and they do so based on who you attacked if you attack say Knator commander he is likely to attack you back 2 times to see if your defensive ritual can beat him

which mine didnt lol and you lose about .12 to all stats roughly what you gain is more than you lose if you do beat him

which i did lol

98% to 98% lol so close but i barely won and he kicked my butt 2 times for that lol

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Yea......you can easily gain back all the stats you lost by winning a quick battle with someone a little stronger than you later on any ways.......it gives you an experience fighting NPC's so you would know to be cautious next time......

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I just signed in..just wondering..you mean when you defeat an npc. he'll always be in your way each time? Let's say for example I defeat the Willow's Shop Guard, now..does that mean the next time I need to go in the shop, I have to defeat the guard again?


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