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WTB - Common (and not so common) items


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I am looking to acquire some of the 743 available items. I am offering  spell stones and resources (I am less inclined to offer SCs). The amount and what spell stones/resources I will offer shall be negotiated.


If you are willing to sell drop me a PM with the items and what would you like for them.


Below the list of items (I am well aware that some are the "blue" ones so for those I will offer more):


List 1:


Ancient wisper
Bedazzled Easter Egg
Black mushroom spore
Book of dried herbs
Book on human anatomy
Bottle of Dew
Bottle of Mist
Bottle of mountain spring water
Bottled Loyalty
Broken Heart Pendant
Butterfly pendant
Crystal Tear
Dandelion puff
Dead mans whisper
Feather of the Phoenix
Fosilized leaf
Four leafed clover
Frozen berries
Frozen rose
Grinch earrings
Jar of fly wings
Kitteh Claw
Lightning Jar
Lightning Sculpture
Love poem
Message in a Bottle
Moon-shadow harp
Musical Box
Musk Incense
Never whithering Peony
Old book
Opium Incense
Perfume bottle
Piece of frosted glass
Pink pearl
Platypuss Drawing
Reversed hourglass
Round Die
Secret ingredient
Silly clown's hat
Small star fragments
Solid Rain Drop
Tattered leprechaun Hat
Unmeltable snowflake


List 2 (any number of the following items until I reach 100):

Yellow marble
toy box
Toy fairy
Toy gaff
Toy sheep
Voodoo doll
White marble
Witch Doll
Tin soldier
Tiny Wheel
Square ball
Stress Ball
Stuffed toy panda
Snow Globe
Snuggle bunny
spicy pickle toy
small toy windmill
Purple marble
Rainbow Marble
Red marble
Pick up sticks game
Plush marmoset
Orange marble
Pack of toy soldiers
Paper Plane
Kitty toy
Large multicolored marble
Jigsaw puzzle piece
Kids IQ puzzle
Green marble
Green square
Half a Die
Colorful Stone
Creepy doll
Chess set
Children's detective set
Child's tea set
Brick plushie
Brown marble
Black marble
Blue marble
Blue paper crane
Black Bead
Black marble
Bat kite


Crying Doll
Round Die
rubber rock


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