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Some thoughts on wins and losses

Assira the Black

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This is just some thoughts and it may not fit in anywhere or be a pain to make changes too.


There are sword, sword balances, sheath balance, and sheath.


It is best at times for our profile to have a balance of wins and losses.


But for creatures only wins are shown for upgrades. In life experience does not come solely from the battles won but also the battles lost. And in some cases it may make sense for certain creatures to be stronger from the amount of battles it lost rather than what it won.


Or that certain skills from sacrificing the creatures would be stronger. After being knocked down in a fight time after time, a person may have a higher endurance or learn other ways to avoid attacks. So it could be assumed that their defense is higher than their attack.


Or something along these lines.

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While losses may be 'easier' to gain and it is possible to gain experience/heat while losing a battle in the current system, I was thinking more a long the lines of what is gained from sacrificing the creature. Another influence upon the current system that determines the stats when sacrificing them.


And after looking up in the forums, I have found one similar post that talks about including wins and losses in the creature data. I have not done extensive research in the forums. The word combination brought up many forum posts.



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