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Clairvoyance skill


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     We live our lives following a number of ways, believing a number of ideas, collecting bits and dust to create our selves. Many times we think about the past or the future, acknowledging Time. There are people (to whom I refer as 'stupid') who live only in the present. They think very little of the future (usually, that's in the line of 'tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I will...') and memories are so faint that a breeze of present will shuffle them and send them away. Not everyone needs a timeline, though - like some tribes in the Amazon. Maybe some inventions can be made, but..do they really need them? Or the aboriginals in Australia - brits found them roaming the land, with no need for a hut of some sort. I like to think of such people as 'incapsulated in the present'. Why need a timeline, when there is the 'now', so strong and compelling and...demanding...?  Then, there are people who worry about the future. So much they worry, that they forget the present. They basically live in the past, because...well, they can't live in the future :) and then any present moment goes without notice and becomes past so fast... Time is pressure, time means deadlines that must be met, alarms that must be heard, things to do at precise moments. Time, speed...'now' is still demanding, but they do things for the future, that future that will be lived peacefully, beautiful, unlike...wait, now!...

     All that is a prelude to me proposing a new skill, lol...the clairvoyance skill. I do not believe in fortune-telling, but I know that looking into the past, researching history and learning about people can make you predict some events with 100% accuracy. It's a skill that you acquire just by living and observing enough (irl and, why not, in-game). I like to think of fortune-tellers as just wise(r) people. The following is a raw image of how I see this skill working.

     I think the requirements for this skill should be activity days (say, 120). Once 'old' enough, at Fortune's Well there should be available a clickie (or maybe a puzzle of some sort - an easy one) that will let you acquire the new skill. As for how it would be gained, I don't have a concrete suggestion, but here are some thoughts.
     Clairvoyance means gazing into the future. For those people living in the present, it is an impossible feat and maybe even a useless one. But I think it is wrong to see a clairvoyant as someone searching only the future for answers. As explained above, a wise man searches the past and lives in the present to make accurate predictions. So, even if clairvoyance is all about the future and the answers it might hold, the key is not there. The key are memories and current events/actions. Therefore, to gain points in clairvoyance you'd need to convert memories with current actions.

     What are those memories/that past? Every (rather) big change in MD should count as a memory. All players that were active at that time should (well, if they want to) activate it (somehow) and convert it into a 'memory' (don't ask me exactly how, I might get ideas of how to do it in a couple of days - or not). What is the present? Every thing that you do - the things you write in chat, the walks you do in the scenes, the spells you cast, the creatures you recruit. This is the 'now' you live - which will be forgotten unless it's rather big and it stays in your memory. So, somehow (again, I haven't thought of the details, might be a lot to code, idk) your activity would be giving you points in the 'now'. With enough points in the 'now' (big number), you can convert the 'memories' into 'glimpses of future', which count as 0.1 clairvoyance skill (or more).
     As a use for this, I won't indicate a specific one; I believe there could be lots of them (for example - yes, I'm indicating one! - a 'Seer' title which could be automatically gained if you have ..50 skillpoints).
     I hope this is at least a good read, if not a valid idea.

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Seeing the future is more about being able to define a reality that takes place in the future. A good example of this is the self fufilling prophecy. When someone says "I'll fail anyway, might as well not try." then they are defining a future reality where the person is going to fail. As the person has focused quite a bit of willpower on this future reality it actually has been predefined before it happens.

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