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To have a (MagicDuel) dream

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          To have a dream in MD - I see it as an adventure. For this purpose, I created a ritual in which I summoned the Dreamweaver. Ritual started on day 165, year 10 and continued for the next two days. All the items used were in my possession at the time of the ritual.



Day 1: storenow.net/my/?f=9b7a88638ddab5d2294a963725b15325




Day 2: storenow.net/my/?f=2e27a3af321b6ee934345bc55ada1c9a



Day 3: storenow.net/my/?f=bdac086c94edf2acd913a595034cb5c1



The 'log' of the ritual:


[spoiler]*arrives at Whisper Alley. The wind whispers through the leaves, a chill breeze goes through the trees. It is close to midnight.*
*prepares himself for the ritual. It is time to summon the creature known as Dreamweaver. He will surely come. He _must_come!*
*takes out a small glass-like jar, glowing faintly. He opens it and a strange light pours out.*
*chants "Vinci hominus erolin,homo vinci...". The light expands and covers Ungod,like a golden dust. He then takes out a Barren Soul totem and places it on the ground.*
*, with a careful gesture, places a small heat stone on the totem and watches it melt. "Exorior, miles militis!". A Barren Soul rises; he is now Ungod's guide and companion.*
*begins the chant.*

Dreamweaver, I summon thee!
Leave thy shelter, come to me,
Come forth, Dreamweaver, in night
Bring me visions of the Light!

*speaks louder and louder. The Barren Soul reverberates the chant, over and over again, like the ripple caused by a drop of water in a bottomless pool.*
*starts walking slowly, uttering the chant. The Barren Soul follows close-by. Soon, his chanting cannot be heard anymore - only strange whispers.*

*arrives at Marind's Marble Stairs. The stairs await.*
*is weakened and his energy is low. Why hasn't the Dreamweaver answered? Was the ritual too weak? Was his voice unheard?*
*rests for some moments. The light is faint around the Barren Soul. "He is no use to me anymore."*
*opens another glass-like jar and starts chanting. Again, light pours out. Then, he takes some timeless dust and blows it over in the direction of the Barren Soul."Abeo quies quietis!"*
*looks intently at how the Barren Soul twirls and dissapears with a shriek in the wind. He then grabs the totem fallen on the ground and hides it.*
*takes out another totem and places it on the ground. Then, he places a heat stone on the totem. "Exorior, miles militis!" An Imperial Aramor rises; he is now Ungod's bodyguard and companion.*
*has injected eyes. He needs protection now, above all. The Aramor shall serve well. And the incantation must be repeated. A hurdle, nothing more. Nothing more...*
*begins the chant.*

Once again, I summon you,
Hear my pledge, my wish is true,
Come forth, weave the dream of dreams,
Shake the world out of its rims!

*starts to climb the marble stairs, chanting louder and louder. The Imperial Aramor follows close-by, keeping watch on everything."*

*arrives at Marind's Roundabout. The stairs took the best out of him and got him kneeling. Why hasn't the Dreamweaver answered?*
*looks at the water sparkling in the sun. He lowers his head and washes his face with the pure water of the fountain.*
*regains strength - not the strength of body, but of mind - and rises. "It is time."*
*lets a drop of his own blood fall on the marble tile.*
*throws down a heat stone. A short chant makes the blood alive - it sticks to the shattered stone like a slime,grabbing all the pieces and arranging them, forming a pulsating heart with red laylines.*
*grabs the pulsating heat stone and looks at the Imperial Aramor. He has done well.*
*sprinkles timeless dust on the Aramor's weapon. "Abeo quies quietis!"The Aramor lowers his weapon and jams, then withdraws from reality.*
*takes out a Bird totem and places it on the ground. Then, a simple heat stone is put on it. "Exorior, miles militis!" The Winderwild hovers around Ungod, then lands on the fish.*
*approaches the majestic Winderwild and places the blood-stained heat stone in its beak. "Rise, and be my signal!"*
*begins the chant, ever so loud.*

See my agent in the skies,
Dreamweaver, and hear my cries!
Come and show me of the Light
The visions I seek, in night!

*awaits in deafening silence.*



P.S. The Dreamweaver can be summoned in many a ways (=rituals), depending on who you are.


(edit: damn, I messed up the links. will re-do them later)

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I wonder if I could summon the Dreamweaver with a Seedwalk

  • tell stories of dreams
  • tell news of dreams
  • tell poems of dreams
  • tell secrets of dreams
  • we all wake up in a dream?


It's also possible to summon the Dreamweaver by accident, this has almost happened within the year at least once

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