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The Sixth - Roleplaying Quest

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When, Where? Check here. 


I will do my best to update both topics, but the Avatar of Pain one takes priority over this one, in case I for some reason forget to post date/time here too. For clarity: Date&Time will coincide with The Sixth. They are the same. I will decide the date/time for this when the roles have been satisfactorily taken.





In order to make The Sixth more entertaining, as it is the second most important "face" of Aeo, I thought I could organise an impromptu quest and get people more involved. 





As the title says, this is a roleplaying quest. In a nutshell, I will make a series of "roles" available. I will decide an actual setting to put all the roles in, which I will communicate to the players. Then we spend 1-2 hrs playing the little story! Please apply to occupy (and therefore play those roles) in this topic, using the following template:



Player name:

Player ID:


I will expect those that apply to be punctual and also notify me if they cannot make it anymore ahead of time, please :)





I will cross out the roles that are taken. I am playing The Mirror myself, and the rest will be given on a first come first served basis. Please, however, apply within your limits of RP experience and knowledge. No specific role will grant you more chances to win, but the way you play the role will.

Any role that is not filled by the time of the quest will be filled in by myself. 

  • The Mirror : The one that will guide the story accordingly.   
  • The Man: Main character. Introspective, always in a conflict with himself, torn between monologues and pseudo-dialogues, speaking with different faces of himself. The Man hates the mirror for never showing a truthful reflection, tries to suppress and avoid the Taint and is openly fighting The Witch.
  • The Taint: Secondary "evil" character; this refers to Granos' Taint, a collection of maddening voices and minds overwhelming the mind of The Man. Erratic, chaotic, but with a purpose and few considerations for the means to reach the said purpose. 
  • The Witch: She is the one who initially Taints the Man; though he openly dislikes and fights against her, her aim is to teach him the truth which he does not want to see. 
  • The Reflections: They inhabit the mirror and change constantly. Only The Man can see them, and while neither good nor evil, their purpose is usually to protect the man regardless of the means needed to achieve that. 
  • The Friend: Tries to get the best from the man by pushing him to being a better person. However, his methods can sometimes get questionable and soon the question rises: is he truly a friend?

I might add more roles, if there is a tremendous demand for participation. Anyway, please post here if you want to take a role, and then I will PM you with a few additional details!


There will be turns taken in a predetermined order, and each has a maximum of 3 posts / turn; each must signal the end of their turn. I will provide details to each participant.





I will provide some rewards myself. Any sponsors are more than welcome, please let me know in this topic or in PM if you are willing to help sponsor the quest!

Judges are also more than welcome, since I am forced to participate in the quest as well, I would like to have enough judges for my opinion to not be needed. Please contact me privately, not in this topic, if you want to judge!


1st Prize: 1hr Nightmode access + 3SC

2nd Prize: Movelock or locate stone

3rd Prize: whichever stone is left



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  • 3 weeks later...

I am currently planning on holding the quest within 2 weeks. Please note, I shall hereby instate a deadline until the 25th of July, 8:00 AM ST for further applications for the roles. If they are not taken, I will play them myself.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Details sent to all roles other than The Man (which is currently being settled). Once I send the details to The Man as well, I will post date&time (however, it will take place  somewhere between the 25th of August and the 5th of September).


Please note: those who have received the details of their role are not to discuss them or reveal them to anyone else. I reserve the right to disqualify any player if I find evidence that they have revealed the details of their role to anyone else.

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  • 2 weeks later...

As the free role remains unoccupied, I will take it myself unless someone shows up on the last minute.


I am planning on holding this either on the 28th of August (Friday) at 21:00 ST or on the 29th of August (Saturday) at the same time. Could you lot please let me know if/when is better for you?

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My sincere apologies to the participants whom I may have inconvenienced. I am afraid RL managed to do what it does best, which is butt in at the worst possible time. Since in the end, actually less than half of the participants appeared to actually be interested in the quest and due to the general lack of interest I have faced so far, I am hereby postponing this quest indefinitely. I am faced with an extremely undetermined schedule for the coming months, and I do not know for sure when I will have the time to hold this.


This 'quest' has been very consuming from the very beginning (planning, advertising, etc), almost like pulling teeth you could say. 


Ironically, this it is extremely fitting for The Sixth, and I consider it a conclusion in itself.


Apologies again, for indefinitely postponing this for those who were genuinely interested in it; I may hold a brief sermon on The Sixth, or I may not. As I said, I perceive this as a fitting conclusion in itself. 

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