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Relighting the Furnace

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Aethon looks around and takes in his surroundings
Aethon: Hm.
Aethon takes out a notepad and begins to walk around.
Aethon: I'll need a fire. One that burns hot and constant...
Aethon: *thinks* I think I can remember the heat spell for long enough, but I should gather a jar, store heat and then channel it into a furnace of sorts.
Aethon writes down a few notes
Aethon: So that'll be the furnace... *looks around again*
Aethon: Hammer and anvil are...worn *inspects them* but will suffice.
Aethon: *looks around* I'm going to need a mold..
Aethon: Will have to find some stone to create one.
Aethon: Furnace, stone, metal, glass, hope stone....*mumbles*
Aethon: Ah, will need a grind stone of some sort.
Aethon: *closes his notebook* Guess I should get searching!
: Aethon turns and wanders away, whistling to himself

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[log= Building the new Furnace]

:Aethon whistles as he drags the large bag of sand and mud to the clearing behind the anvil 

:Aethon unties the opening and widens it with his hands 
:Aethon whistles happily as he grabs his bucket of water and begins pouring it into the sand and mud mixture 
Aethon:Down the hatch you go *chuckles as the bucket empties, setting it aside* 
:Aethon begins whistling again as he reaches into the mixture and begins turning it, folding it all together 
:Aethon takes his hands out of the mixture and brushes the excess from them, satisfied it's mixed enough 
Aethon: *wipes his forehead with the back of his wrist* This is going to be tiring... 
:Aethon mumbles to himself as he walks over to the Golemus stones 
:Aethon looks them over before choosing a particularly flat one and lifting it with a grunt 
:Aethon heaves the stone up onto his shoulder and walks it over to the bag, laying it down just beside it 
:Aethon continues to repeat the process, carrying the flattest stones and laying them in a "not quite complete" circle, funneling on one side and open mouthed on the other 
Aethon: *finishes placing the last stone of the base and lets out a sigh* Phew.. 
Aethon: *looks at the base* Oh damn it... *mumbles* It shouldn't have a mouth at the moment.... 
:Aethon curses before quickly filling up the open mouth of the circle with stones, piling them up to the height of the rest 
Aethon: *grunts, pleased at the work so far, and grabs his bucket of rainwater, taking a long gulp and splashing his face* Ahh... 
Aethon: *opens his notebook and quickly scans over his notes* Right...now I fill it with the sand and mud mixture, level it, pile sand, build around sand, dry, cut out mouth, remove sand...blah blah blah... 
Aethon: *grunts again and closes his notebook* Right then. 
Aethon: *walks over the mixture and begins to scoop out mounds with his hands, throwing it into the drywall pit* This would be so much easier with a shovel... *mutters to himself* . 
:Aethon continues to shovel and pat down the mixture into the hollow until it's level with the top stones, smoothing it out with his hands 
Aethon: *steps back and admires his work so far* Well I be damned. *chuckles* . 
 Aethon:Right...now to let that dry before I mix up another batch... *yawns* I think a nap first... 
:Aethon quickly takes out the heat pebbles with bare hands, seemingly not noticing the scorching heat, and places them around the construct 
 Aethon:That should help it dry... *chuckles and claps his hands together* Now for that nap... 
 :Aethon wanders over to the anvil and slumps down with his back against the stone 
:Aethon let's out a stifled yawn before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep 
Aethon: *yawns and opens his eyes* Well that was a lovely rest... *stretches* . 
 Aethon: *smiles as he sees his work dry* Ah, brilliant. 
:Aethon quickly stands and moves the heat stones away from the base 
:Aethon begins to whistle again as he quickly mixes sand and water together before making a smaller offset on top of the base 
:Aethon finishes smoothing the offset and walks over to his supplies 
 :Aethon whistles as he begins to make more of the sand, water and mud mixture 
Aethon:There we go... *chuckles as he finishes mixing and drags the mix to the near completed furnace* 
:Aethon goes back to whistling merrily as he starts creating the furnace shell around the sand offset, bringing the mixture down over the outside of the base for extra strength 
:Aethon leaves a rectangle of sand large enough to fit a heat jar in length ways, where the funnel begins, uncovered and smooths down the rest 
 :Aethon goes around to the front and quickly removes a segment of the circle, creating the mouth of the furnace 
Aethon:Now to let that dry a bit before I remove the the sand inside... *places the heat pebbles back around the furnace* 
Aethon:Whilst they do their job I'll go and grab a heat jar so I can test this beauty out... *chuckles and wanders away towards Golemus, wiping sweat from his brow as he does so* 
:Aethon comes wandering back, humming happily and a heat jar under his arm 
Aethon: *walks over to the furnace* How you doing my friend? * tentatively touches the furnace wall and grins as he feels it almost completely dry* Right, I think we can begin the "excavation"! 
:Aethon chuckles as he bends at the mouth of furnace and begins to scoop out the sand, slowly hollowing it out 
 Aethon: *carefully reaches inside and removes the last of the sand from the funnel neck before pulling out and standing tall, a wide grin on his face* And there you have it... 
Aethon: *looks at the now solid and cavernous furnace with pride* Now to see if you work! 
Aethon: *thinks* Hm...first I need a way of opening and closing the jar once it's inside... 
 :Aethon scratches his chin as he thinks 
Aethon:Ah! *rummages in his pocket for his measuring string before quickly measuring the diameter of the funnel mouth* 
:Aethon opens his notebook, quickly writing down a few measurements 
:Aethon shuts it again and pockets the rope, replacing it with a small handful of the leftover mixture 
:Aethon uses the palms of his hands to press out a small oval before taking out his rope and measuring it 
Aethon: *chuckles* First time lucky... *grins and set it on top of one of the heat pebbles to let it dry* . 
:Aethon hums a little as he waits 
Aethon:That should do it... *he says a little time later, gently grabbing the oval* 

Aethon:Perfect *chuckles at the now solid piece* 
:Aethon walks back over to the funnel mouth and slots the oval in length ways, blocking the passage down the neck, an inch of the oval sticking out above the entire funnel 
Aethon:Now in theory... * unscrews the heat jar and quickly slots it into the funnel opening, the oval now acting like a cap* 
Aethon:And... *takes hold of the cap that sticks out above the funnel and slides it out* 
:Aethon laughs as the heat rushes out and fills the furnace with a blazing hot energy 
Aethon: *steps around to the front of the furnace and admires it* Not too bad for a first try. Could do with a few improvements over time, but for now... It'll do. 
Aethon: *scratches his chin* Might need to get the lower capacity heat jars for a gentler blaze...but apart from that... 
Aethon: *steps back around to the funnel and inserts the oval, trapping the heat back in the jar* ...a job well done. [/log]


And here is my amazing drawing of the furnace ---> Image



(Blame my Sketchup for not working! :P Will post a better diagram when it decides to or when I've drawn it by hand!)[/spoiler]

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On a serious note, filling a sort of furnace within MD with heat, to last forever? or for while it is used, will take many heat spells and or much heat constantly/all the time/you get the point. It would be hard.


I will be constantly refilling heat jars of various sizes. Even though the crafts will be RP'd I will still be filling jars when I begin crafting of an item. In my opinion, I need to make it include some real effort as to solidify the role (in my mind). :)

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