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Feedback for combat update - log page

Ary Endleg

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Since nobody else started it....


Worthy stuff to take a look at:


This looks interesting, but challenging to implement if all information is to be displayed, hence this idea would require modification if this is decided to be implemented. Currently it's just nice layout idea.  http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11815-matrix-like-fight-logs/


This one actually is very old topic talking about how logs used to look like before they looked like they do today. This one is significant because in old logs there was displayed the number of actions performed in combat (actionnr:5). I deem it important that this information display be reimplemented. Oh and look there is that "something" variable too! Which needs to be explained.





First page with flash stuff in combat could use improvements such as removal of "flying text" (it's pointless since on second page you can read it all). I guess this page was meant to be eye candy with all the graphics, so then it should be as such, maybe with just basic information (current ones could get a bit nicer formatting). Maybe even include the sum of percentages that armor boost stats.


Second page needs formatting improvements to make things easier to read.

Clearly made distinction of one combat action from another (you should easily be able to see at a glance where one ability starts and where it ends and another creature attack begins, currently it's all clumped together).

Some abilities aren't worded properly so that should be fixed and how their additional information or variables for internal calculation is displayed.


Lastly, all combat actions have creature id displayed next to them in brackets which is lets say useful.... but I vote for removal of all "admin" info. Common user doesn't need to see it and it's not really user friendly in first place. Creature Type ID should be replaced with Creature Type Name on first page, it's much more user friendly. Creature ID removed from display completely. Instead of Creature ID on second page in line of each action, there should be in brackets creature type name, creature level and slot number which is all you need to figure out what is happening.


That would make textual info on first page completely unnecessary (since all that info can be seen from flash element and id would be removed anyhow since it won't be needed) and hence should be removed for nicer looks.

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  • Root Admin
Thank you Ary for starting the topic, it is good to see you take an interest and helps me greatly :)
The points below are my opinons, not attacking anyone, merely playing devils advocate in some situations. Please remember this all so we can have a nice progressive discussion :)
Notes to remember/discuss:
>>Grid Format
Gird format could work, but would in essence be a reduction of information from the full logs, since you cant store everything on the grid. Also the grid wouldnt fit in the box unless it was all really  tiny, is this ok?
>> I deem it important that this information display be reimplemented
Why? I can think of a couple reasons but why do you deem it? :)
>>creature ID
Creature ID was something that was added because the populace asked for it, Its not really "admin info" as you call it but allows someone to tie a specific creature to whats going on. But I am considering a toggle for that :)
There are 4244 occurrences of the string "something" in our codebase and various file systems. You think we have a clue? :P
As a casual glance, I couldnt find anything on to be honest.
>>That would make textual info on first page completely unnecessary 
A long time ago, the text on that page was readable and only had key information. as the log expanded this text got faster and faster causing it to be unreadable. Keeping it at basic information might be cool.
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I deem action number thing important because it would help us learn how long battles could last in which scenario and hence be able to predict at what point exactly battle would end in case it wasn't complete annihilation.


Loss of info on grid thing ofc isn't okay, but if somebody comes with a genius twist for grid that would somehow show us everything, then it's worth considering, otherwise not.


As for Creature ID, indeed it does help tie specific creature with whats going on, but what I proposed that instead of it you put slot number, creature level and creature type name you actually get even better information because then you don't need to switch back and forth between first and second page and also it would make all of the text on first page completely unnecessary and redundant hence suitable to removal.


Something.... needs to be done about it. :))

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  • Root Admin

>>action Number


Seems fair, the combat code is actually a while loop on action number, so shouldnt be too too crazy to add as a toggleable feature




I see the grid as a summary, similar to the flash animation.


>> creature ID


Some people like it, and prefere those than slot ID's. I guess this is preference.

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