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A scientific foundation of things i like to discuss most

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There is a series of short documentaries that describe complicated physics concepts in easy to follow way.

It is probably not that easy to follow, you actually have to watch it several times to understand it, but much much easier than reading thousands of pages or listening to hours of boring lessons. This is like a crash course to this stuff, in 10minutes you learn a million things, your mind will explode. MOST important is to actually watch the other movies in the series he is referring to... i just give you one to start from, but you can search the others and watch them in chronological order if you are interested in the subject:




Now...WHY do i post such a thing HERE in this topic...

well.. this is the best presentation of such a thing from a geometrical point of view, and geometry means in a more mystical sense rules that govern also symbols. This is long and too deep discussion.. not the point now. Knowledge of this sort helps build a foundation of a certain sort, a foundation that can be reached in many ways, but its so far for most. In sotis i aimed towards that, but on a different route, much more subjective and role focused ofc.


Just watch the movie and remember to see the related movies, even if they seem easy and obvious, actually understanding the simple and obvious things will make a huge difference when complicated stuff comes.


I am so glad i found them, finally a scientific way of explaining "we just are"...and "nothing exists" ... its also first time in my life i actually understand why there is a limited speed of light, lol (different episode).


You will notice he is not deviating from the scientific view, even if some conclusions are quite obvious and reach the more subjective mystical views he is not discussing them ... this is very good.


Have fun

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this is so cool way of saying so muchexplaining this



"events" that have no when, awesome, must see


for me it is the information i needed...it means "question your reality once you cross through a gate"

also related



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