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Seeking second set of MDscript coder-eyes.


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Some of you may remember my old Madness quests, and specifically the "Little Tour of Sorts" quest I have up and running around MarindBell and the GoE steps.

Apparently, the Tour script is a bit broken.   :(

I have been messing around with it this past week, to try to fix things, and am thinking the @storage methods changed a bit, but I can't quite figure it out myself.


So:  I'm asking to commission a code-wise person to help me.    I don't need them written "from scratch", probably, just a set of eyes to see what might be wrong and update the new formats/syntax/etc.


I'll send you the "Tour of Sorts" clickie scripts in a PM or somehow, and would like to work with you to debug, or update them to more modern concepts.  


Payment?... um..  I'm kinda out of the loop, but name your prices and we'll negotiate.  :)


If I can get my head wrapped around code again after this past year's brain-death, I would greatly appreciate it!  

Thanks in advance.



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