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History of Marind Bell-chapter III


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First of all, I'd like to say this is a great forum topic and one important for our land. Maybe not much seems to have happened in the last years, but enough happened to warrant the creation of another chapter. I am taking the opportunity to write it now.


If I made mistakes, provided incorrect/incomplete information or I have missed anything, please PM me, as this topic should be clean.


Ann. 2248  [2012-04-03 00:24:35 - Stage 11] Treasuries
Feature: The Treasury feature has now been implemented. These were initially planned for Kingship to store items and creatures that are related to the land.
The special features of a treasury is that creatures stored in a treasury will gain age like they are stored on any other player. Creatures also incur no penalty in taking them out or storing them in a treasury. These features are ideal for storing large amounts of creatures specifically for rewards.

Lands will be able to barter with goods held in their treasuries. In addition rewards gained from the Torch Contest will be deposited here, and the manager of the Treasury will be able to spend Torch Contest rewards for creatures and items

(this is important in the light of another ann regarding treasuries and MB, I thought of adding it here)

Ann. 2407 [2012-10-13 18:14:20 - Stage 11]
Chewett and Maebius have been granted access to Angiens Shrine for their constant work for the Seekers of Enlightenment and in the interest of Marind Bell.

Ann. 2486 [2013-01-31 13:09:24 - Stage 11]
Magic Duel has a new dreamweaver. Princ Rhaegar received the ability to use dreams. Being a public role, he will start with 2 Trust Points.

Ann. 2600 [2013-05-28 17:41:43 - Stage 12]
Marind Bell has a new monarch!
Voting for the Marind Bell elections ended at 21:00 last night, 16 people voted, and the winner with a majority was...*drum roll*... Chewett! ...or should that be King Chewett now?
Congratulations to Chewett on his new position, the land tools will be given to you shortly to help manage your land.

Ann. 2658[2013-06-24 03:24:20 - Stage 12]
Three water buckets from the Marinds Bell item dispatcher have been turned into Large buckets that require a high gardening skill to be taken from the dispatcher. One of the large buckets gives you a lot more dowsing skill per use and two of them gather more water (and give increased dowsing skill)

Ann. 2665 [2013-06-30 23:39:53 - Stage 12]
I selected actually 8 people for the mission, they are:
For Marinds Bell : Aelis
For Loreroot: The Warrior
For Golemus Golemicarum: *Nimrodel*
For Necrovion: *Peace*
For Underground: dst
For Tribunal: AmberRune
For No Man's Land: Mercurial Spectre
For MD Archives: *Shemhazaj*
Their mission is to be Sky Scouters and to help mark all realm locations according to their opening towards the realm's sky. This will affect how the sun shines, how dark it can get and how much it will rain in each place.

Ann. 2682 [2013-07-19 17:19:33 - Stage 12]
A hot water generator and a bench have been added to Fortune's Well and Marinds Bell Gates, artworks provided by dragonrider7 as part of the scene contest. items are not functional yet, just visible. The scene contest is closed but its not over, i still have several other items to place and people to reward.

A debt repaid - AL chapter

This is a chapter involving Marind Bell and Necrovion as main protagonists, as well as various assassins - a dark page that started with the killing of members of the Tainted Warriors. Notable characters from Marind Bell are, in order of appearance: Maebius, Junior, Chewett, Princ Rhaegar (now known as Jubaris), nadrolski. Almost all have been killed in the events (even multiple times). This is (currently) the last chapter of the AL, it's easy to spot :p

Ann. 2825 [2013-11-18 00:25:05 - Stage 12]
Princ Rhaegar has been voted the King of Marind Bell. Congratulations.
('A debt repaid' saw Princ's rise to power)

Ann. 2868 [2013-12-28 13:13:43 - Stage 12]
Angiens shrine now can recruit angiens again.

Ann. 3083 [2014-07-20 22:57:29 - Stage 12]
Down with the Bunny Empire spell has been coded and given to Princ Rhaegar as part of his Personal Request Month wish.

(this ann shouldn't be here, but I love that spell)

Ann. 3286 [2015-01-10 16:12:58 - Stage 12] MB Elections
As announced MB has held their elections and Nadrolski has been appointed their new king.

Ann. 3520 [2015-05-25 21:45:19 - Stage 13] MB Story mode keys removed
The two MB chapter 2 and 3 story mode keys have been removed from all players who have not bought the wish. This wish has also been expanded to give both chapter 2 and chapter 3 wishes. If you were given your access without getting the WP please contact me.
(this marks a change that story mode removal brought with it - the scenes are now accessible only through WPshop and hence the number of the WPs needed to spend to get to the wish has been reduced slightly - from 6 to 5)

Ann. 3522 [2015-05-26 00:23:17 - Stage 13]
Story mode keys removed - Sages keep entrance and Necro gate entrance
Both these locations were originally only passable using story mode keys and both now you can enter freely. So all those holding these keys have had them removed.
(another change triggered by story mode removal)

Ann. 3644 [2015-08-31 14:59:57 - Stage 13] Land Treasuries
Land treasuries have been implemented so that lands can store a limited number of items and creatures. This is the first big project completed and represents a move towards lands having power and wealth. As promised, Jubaris was able to choose the first land to get this treasury and the land chosen was Marind Bell. This land has had their treasury installed in the location where the land influence used to be.

Ann. 3691 [2015-10-31 00:58:11 - Stage 13]
The Marind Bell treasury is officially open! They have been given two keys to test out the land treasury format. For now they have been given instruction to not abuse anything they can find, without reporting it. Treasuries allow a host of potential abuses so there will be more formal rules once the four main lands have decided how they should be using them. Once this has been done other lands will get the treasuries.
Congratulations to Marind Bell for attaining the chance!

Ann. 3717 [2015-11-22 17:05:00 - Stage 13]
For the Torch Contest reward Jubba has chosen a custom (and newly) coded item that has the ability to turn the weather sunny.
(this is in line with the 'bringing of light' idea and I think it will see an interesting use in the future)


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