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The sweet treats of Christmas

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Greetings everybody!

With all the Christmas (or Murmas) preparations going on and clickie quests going active, even the most seasoned adventurer would start feeling peckish. And what snack fits the season better than some freshly baked cookies.

Oh, but before you go bake another batch, here is a contest to make it more fun: bake an MD themed cookie! It can be anything from a creature to a character to a scene object.


The rules are:

only one cookie photo can be submitted per participant, posted in this topic updated: two photos of the cookie are required per participant: one of the whole cookie and one of the broken cookie (for validating that it is a real cookie), posted in this topic

• the cookie must be MD themed

• the cookie does not have to be from gingerbread dough (updated: the dough should still be edible )

• the photo must have the letters MD in it (where and how they are placed are up to the participant)


The period for submissions will last until 28th of December, after which I will open a poll until 1st of January.

Should there be a draw for any one of the three top places, the sponsors and I will decide on who gets the place.


The rewards for top places are:

1st place: 3 gold coins, a Santa and 4 Christmas points

2nd place: 2 gold coins, a colored joker and 3 Christmas points

3rd place: 1 gold coin and 2 Christmas points

Everybody else: 1 Christmas point


At the end of the quest I will announce the date and time for a reward ceremony with a surprise. :)


Update 2015/12/13 : due to some confusion, I have made two changes to the rules. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Update 2015/12/28: poll opened

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