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[Christmas Points] The Mad Scientist (II)

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This is a continuation of the long lost series,The Mad Scientist. And just in time for Christmas!


What devilish schemes is the old man plotting this time? Wait and see!


This is an adventure/puzzle race quest involving lot of running and thinking, and will start on the 19th --- Saturday night (between 22:00-24:00 ST, I cannot guarantee a time due to RL complications).


Pro tip: prepare tea/pickles/cake!


Now the interesting part of this quest is that you can do it alone or work together. However, the rewards are individual and will be based on who completes the quest first... which means that if you work together, you might risk and give away a winning spot to your fellow 'partner' instead of yourself! So be clever --- its completely up to you how to go about it :D


Password to begin the quest will be revealed at the given time above. Stay tuned!





First place: 1 gold + [snowman/10th anni aramor] + 4 christmas points

Second place: 1 gold + [snowman/10th anni armor --- whichever is left] + 3 christmas points

Third place: 1 gold + 2 christmas points


Every other participant gets 1 christmas point


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Edit: It was my mistake, I accidentally released the password an hour earlier than the stated time. I apologize for the inconvenience and take full responsibility for it. I hope nobody faced a serious issue, since the quest was initially supposed to start at a random time between 22:00 and 23:59 on this date.


Quest will end at 23:59 ST on Jan 3rd.

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The quest has begun!


Use the phrase "madxmas" at the Marble Dale Park signpost to start. This phrase will be used throughout the quest to find the letters. Then you will have to deduce a new phrase which will be used at the fish at Marind's Roundabout. Send the final 'message' (on the link) of the quest to me on forum PM to win!

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Hint #2: There are no clickies related to the quest in Tribunal or Labyrinth, but do search the rest of the lands very carefully :P :))


Terrible task for an MP3 player... especially in the Tribunal.
I understand. This quest wasn't meant to be very easy. Everyone is free to use tea/pickles/cake however, and I even encouraged this before the quest started as you can see in the main post.
And I must also remind people that you are free to split up or work together at your own leisure - and at your own risk! 
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The quest has ended. There have been a total of 5 winners, and the results are as follows:


First: dst

Second: Nimrodel

Third: Tissy/yokin

Fourth: Jubaris

Fifth: AmberRune


Congratulations and thank you for participating! Rewards will be distributed soon, but first dst must choose between the snowman and 10th anni aramor!  :)

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