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"Coffin or dead stuff" answers

Muratus del Mur

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Player_Name: Tenebrioun

Commets: It's not a box, its a tomb, hes pulling his great-grandfather out of the

ground to make love to him.

Player_Name: sonic

Commets: A SKULL

Player_Name: arya

Commets: a coffin

Player_Name: tuvix

Commets: death

Player_Name: Linguritza

Commets: Relic of Eternal Death (o relicva ce iti da puterea de a stapani taramul

mortzii :D

Player_Name: mike

Commets: coffing

Player_Name: Sir Dragon Knight

Commets: A box of souls

Player_Name: Havoc

Commets: the box has a body in it.

the person is a celestial.

Player_Name: Nackidno

Commets: Zombie?

Player_Name: BaseDeath

Commets: The Remains of a powerful necromancer.

Player_Name: thieh

Commets: a body in a coffin

Player_Name: eragon

Commets: a grave with treasures and jewels

Player_Name: BlackChromium

Commets: a coffin

Player_Name: Eli

Commets: a coffin or a spellbook

Player_Name: Taos

Commets: something evil, but more like ashes of some dead person.

Player_Name: NuFFe

Commets: He is acctually not pulling it up, he is trying to bury it. it contains his

chew bones :)

Player_Name: dcopris

Commets: In the box....is his HEAD of course!!!!

Player_Name: Rhafe

Commets: A body/corpse

Player_Name: The Lazy Mole Rat

Commets: Clearly he is pulling an achient surcofacus from the ground that he has

been sent to retreave by his master for his masters evil scheames

CLEARLY its that there is nothing else it could be like come on

Player_Name: ZaloTheCure

Commets: coffin

Player_Name: zugu

Commets: a body that will be resurrected, in some way

Player_Name: heavy_kSS

Commets: ...I this the box contains half of his sister ...

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