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Tainted Warriors is no more - Faith of Necro?


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I've just disbanded the ally.


But that would not be an issue for Necro except for the fact that....well...read the below piece of chat (it's old...2012 old):


[04/02/12 04:57] Muratus del Mur:the tw is alive now, so the "case" is solved, but what if it was down, then what
[04/02/12 04:57] *Peace*:But fine... if you want to have him go away with and do it again, be my guest.
[04/02/12 04:57] *Peace*:Let him destroy Necro as he pleases.
[04/02/12 04:57] *Peace*:Eon too.
[04/02/12 04:57] Muratus del Mur:ally takeover are "legal" in my view, its your problem to guard them
[04/02/12 04:58] *Peace*:We are already paying the price for that.
[04/02/12 04:59] Muratus del Mur:it is very important for me because with all alies gone i would be forced to set nc on a path that will greatly change its future
[04/02/12 05:00] *Peace*:Which is what we are trying to prevent.
[04/02/12 05:00] *Peace*:I am sorry but Eon is not being very helpful. I accept it, yes. But if only it had good reasons.
[04/02/12 05:00] *Peace*:He just does it for fun.
[04/02/12 05:00] Muratus del Mur:lets say i have a special plan in mind for the land that will lose all its guilds and allies
[04/02/12 05:01] Muratus del Mur:one that land WONT like

[04/02/12 05:01] *Peace*:No citizens?
[04/02/12 05:01] Eon:It's not all fun and games
[04/02/12 05:01] Eon:you know why I do it.
[04/02/12 05:01] *Peace*:It is to you.
[04/02/12 05:01] *Peace*:Yes, to get back to Azull!
[04/02/12 05:01] Muratus del Mur:and in this case, nc will have major influences on everything, and i wont interfere to what you folks will do, meaning dont expect miracles to keep an ally alive
[04/02/12 05:02] Eon:Revenge isn't always fun
[04/02/12 05:02] *Peace*:A whole land is paying the price, its people pay the price.
[04/02/12 05:02] *Peace*:Hit him with skilldamage, don't drag us into this.
[04/02/12 05:02] Azull:revenge for what actually?
[04/02/12 05:02] *Peace*:Destroying the world this game has is no fun.
[04/02/12 05:03] Muratus del Mur:and pls don't assume things, maybe without any ally will mean nc gets open to anyone, who knows, i never said no ally means closing



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