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Fry your Brain 2 & Melt your Eyeballs

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Tomorrow I will be releasing 2 small (as in not so many legs) quests.

1) Fry your brain 2 - I think you already know how this works. Solve the last leg, send me the answer and you shall win.

2) Melt your eyeballs is similar to FYB but this time you'll need to do more visual stuff. It's not hard but it will make you buy new eyee.


Rewards: each will have the standard wookiee points: 4,3,2 and 1 for participation.

Then each will have its own set of rewards. I haven't decided which goes where but I think FYB2 will get a WP. I will decide tomorrow before releasing the quests.

Deadline: it should be last day of MD B-day.

Scoring: 1) Melt your Eyeballs - first who solves it, wins - has several steps and to reach the end you must pass all.

               2) FYB - this time it has several steps (same as MyE) and in order to reach the last one you must solve them all (or cheat and get the last leg from someone else). There is also a bonus round. Scoring is detailed in the last leg. But basically: the one with the most points wins. If 2 have the same scoring the fastest wins.


I should release them around noon ST (before going to lunch) so I can double check them in the morning.

Prepare to get tortured!!! Oh and Piss Piss sends you kisses!




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Fry your brain: To start go to Clash of Ages and say "Piss Piss says Hi"

Rewards: 1st place : WP

                2nd place: Earfocus Stone, LOC and Tele to PC

                3rd place : Bloodpact Archer, Tele To PC and Weaken stones

Melt yourEyeballs: To start go to GOE  and say "I am smart and I will succeed!"

Rewards: 1st place: Golden avatar Token

                2nd place: TK creature (pending) + Tele to PC Stone

                3rd place: Ruby Rudolph CupCake, Attacklock stone  + Mirrorritual stone

Rewards might be changed but if they will something better will be added.


Happy brain frying and eyeballs melting!!!


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Fry your brain  - 1st place Aeoshattr - nobody else sent any submission. He gets 1 WP and 4 Wookiee Points


Melt your eyeballs - 2 tentative (2 entries). Both REALLY close. No winners. Clock and Aeo get one 1 Wookiee Point.


I'll post the walkthroughs...soon.

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