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MDA and MotM Birthday Celebrations and Quests

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The MDA and MotM have joined forces to present two days of mysterious happenings and festivities! Events will be held on April 23rd and 24th, and will be sure to bring mystery, socializing, and fun for all! 


April 23rd:
Mystery Barter- 02:00MDST and 15:00MDST

RP items will be offered auctioned off, but the object will be unknown and the bidders masked until the trade is complete. No coins or creatures are accepted for trade. Accepted trades will be of resources, consumables, and other RP items.

 Follow the Masks Quest-17:00MDST

 Dive head first into the unknown. Meet Assira the Black outside LR gate to find out more about this mysterious quest... 


April 24th:

Team Trivia: 1:00MDST
Two teams test their knowledge in a 30 question game of trivia. It will take place in the indexed Room of Memories, MDA


Masquerade Ball and Fortune Telling: 16:00MDST

Get on your comfy shoes, because it's time to dance, socialize, and find out what surprises are in store for you at the Sun's Hall in MDA


The Deranged Birthday Party - 20:00MDST

This year the Archives will be hosting a Deranged Birthday Party! Kings, Lords and Ladies from afar have traveled to witness the spirit of a Magicduel Birthday and splendour in the Archives architecture! Be sure to join us for some fun filled, cake eating, activities!




More quest or festivities are welcome during the Masquerade Ball, but please contact me so that there are not conflicts and so that I can confirm that it fits with present themes. A few other quests may be in the works and offers to run quests at times between current events are welcome as well! So stay tuned ;)



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