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Cake Contest

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This is a contest where people are collecting pieces of MD Birthday cake off each other when they win battles against one another.

At the start of the round, all participating get 3 pieces of cake and take turns to attack each other. For every lost defense, the defender gives their piece of cake to the attacker. Every 20 minutes, the participants receive 3 extra pieces of cake. At the end of the round the host of the round (*Eagle Eye* for morning and Lintara for evening) writes down the amount of cake each of the participants gathered and announces the top 3. If the participant goes offline, leaves the scene or uses a teleport spell on another participant before the end of the round, their pieces of cake will not be counted.

 The evening round will be held at Wasp's Totem, registration starts at 18:00 MDST.


No Spells, tokened creatures, combo or influence allowed

No giving cakes until the end of the round

Registration (done on the spot up to 30 minutes prior to the round of the contest) : 2 silver coins per player. The silver coins will go to TK treasuries.



1st place: 3 gc  + 4 wookie points

2nd place: 2 gc  + 3 wookie points

3rd place: 1 gc + 2 wookie point

Others: 1 wookie point for participating


This contest is open only on 19th April. Should there not be any cake available, the contest will go on with points being written down and counted instead.

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