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Create a New DQ Drink - Birthday Quest

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you are tasked to create a RL drink and then show how it can be made in MD, using MD ingredients.

Describe the method and ingredients in both RL and MD, provide a picture for extra votes.

The drink need not be alcoholic, but could have effects in MD.

It will run for the duration of the Birthday events.



1st: 3 gc + 4 wookie points
2nd: 2 gc + 3 wookie points
3rd: 1 gc + 2 wookie point
Others  1 wookie point for participating

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So a picture is not mandatory, from what I understand? Also, from what I understand it has to be something that could be made (and drunk) IRL, and then try to translate that into MD ingredients? 
If that is the case... then here. My favourite IRL drink (aren't y'all glad you learned something about me today :D ):


Fresh Lemonade:





  • IRL:
    • Lemons (3)
    • Limes (3)
    • Fresh Mint (roughly one handful)
    • Sugar (for the weak)
    • Water (still or mineral)
    • Ice Cubes (3/glass)
  • MD:
    • Bushies (5)
    • Bushy Wine (1 bottle)
    • Mineral Water (5)
    • Aromatic Herbs (5)





  • IRL:
    1. Squeeze 2.5 lemons and 2.5 limes into juice. Neatly slice the remaining lime/lemon.
    2. Finely chop the mint (keep a few leaves to garnish). And by "finely" I mean chop it like you're planning to snort it later.
    3. Mix the chopped mint, all the juice and the sugar. I normally add 1 teaspoon / glass, but if you're a weakling you can add more.
    4. Add the water. Juice:Water ratio should be 1:2.
    5. Pour into glasses. Garnish with lemon slices, mint leaves and add ice.
    6. Drink and try not to die from how good it is.
  • MD:
    1. Crush the bushies into a juicy paste. Keep the pulp.
    2. Chop the aromatic herbs. Don't garnish it, nobody's gonna look at the garnishing anyway.
    3. Mix the crushed bushies, the bushy wine and the chopped herbs, and then add water, but only half as much as the bushy mixture.
    4. Shake until your cube breaks loose.

Effects? Well... it's alcoholic (in MD) so... gets you drunk?


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Iced Orange Tea


1/2 cup sugar

2 cups boiling water

6 black tea bags

41/2 cups cold water

11/2 cups fresh strained orange juice

Ice cubes

thin orange wedges

Fresh mint sprigs

berries for garnish

Pour the boiling water over the sugar and stir to dissolve.

Add tea bags and steep for 8 to 10 minutes.

Remove the tea bags. Add the cold water, orange juice and stir. Let cool.
Pour into a glass pitcher and refrigerate until well chilled. Pour into glasses filled with ice, garnish with orange wedges and mint, and serve.


4 cups of cold tea

4 Bushies

2 rainbow candy

2 mint leaf

1 frozen berries for garnish

Crush 2 bushies into a pulp and mix with crushed rainbow candy to make a bushie syrup of sorts.

Add the bushie syrup to 4 cups of cold tea.

Finely chop mint leaf and slice the 2 bushies into wedges.

Add frozen berries and mint leaf to the tea and shake the mix (Yeah baby shake it for the fun! :D)

Pour in tall glasses and garnish with bushie wedges!

Effect in MD: increases regeneration skill by a random amount between 50-200 and vitality by 20%, Cools down any active heat though.

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