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MotM Booth- Construction

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Greetings all,

Through talking with a few people, I was inspired to make this a quest of sorts. The MotM Booth is in the process of being contructed... both figuratively and literally. So there will be different phases that people can participate in and in each phase there will be its own rules. There will not be the standard places for each phase. All participants that meet the requirements of that phase will be given a reward of their choice of 4 silver or their choice of a rp item. The phases so far will be the following: 

I may offer other rewards later for the best in each phase, but that has yet to be determined. 

Phase 1: Understanding the New Items and Resources

Phase 2: Tit for Tat

Phase 3: Building the MotM Booth


Phase 2 depends heavily on Phase 1, Phase 3 depends on the previous phases. After reaching a certain point for Phase 1, Phase 2 will become active, same for Phase 3. Phase 1 and Phase 2 will continue to be active to new posts, Phase 3 will become closed after it is complete, with the previous phase still open. 


So lets begin with Phase 1:


With all the new additions for Item creation and the creation of new resources. I need to have an understanding of each process to be able to know what sort of tasks, quests, and rewards to give. 


So the rules for this are the following:

You can chose 1 created Item/resource from a combiner/fillable item to focus on. One post per person. You are not allowed to chose more than one item to focus on. This is to allow others to participate and add their notes, thoughts, and research on this. You may post your information in this topic. You may make two posts, one to say you are working on a particular item and the other with the information on that item. Who ever post first on the item of their choice gets to focus on that item and nobody else will get any rewards or credit for that item if they post information on it here. So no jumping in line :P A person will have a month from their post to gather all the information required on that fillable item product. 


Information looked for is the following:

Resources need in fillable or combiner to get x item.

How to obtain those resources.

Cool down rates and number of tools available for the harvest of the resources.

If there are additional steps to beable to have the correct resource to place in the fillable item/combiner item.

How many resources and distribution. (do not need the exact locations and amounts... like Angien shrine with 10 water, just the total number of  x resource in the realm and number of locations it can be found at.)

How easy it is to obtain that tool 

How much demand is for this resource... like if it is often at zero and how often people collect it. 

If a combiner item, how to gather those items. (If requires multiple secondary resource items from other fillable, you do not have to gather information on those fillable items just the level of difficulty you think it is to obtain those items from the fillable item.) But if you chose that combiner item, you will have to go into how many resource are required to make that fillable item and how many of it is need to be combined with x item from a different source.


Now to make a few examples to make sense of this all.


Example 1. A fillable item (these will be made up).

Product: 1 iron Gate door

Resources need: 200 Iron Bars

Fillable Item used to create gate door: Furnace and anvil, with 5 days of construction 

How Iron Bars are created: Smelter

Resource to make Iron bars: 20 Iron ore

How to obtain Iron Ore: Pick axe

Cool down rate of pick axe:xx time

# of Pick ax in the realm

2 locations that Iron ore can be harvested, 10 is the Max number of Iron ore that is in the realm (side note to explain how that number is obtained: 2 at one location and 8 at the other)

Demand is high, Iron ore is often at zero and is able to harvest from the two location every few days.


Example 2: A combiner Item

Product: Useable Gated Wall

Resources Needed: 1 Iron Gate doors, box nuts and bolts, iron frames set, set of hinges, and bunch of iron stake pins.

Combinder used: Metal Smith Yard

How to obtain each resource:Furnace and Anvil

Resource to make Each:

1 Iron Gate doors require 200 Iron Bars

box of nut and bolts = 1 Iron bar 

iron frame set= 20 Iron Bars

set of hinges = 1 iron bar

bunch of iron stake pin= 2 iron bars

How to obtain Iron bars: Smelter

Level of difficulty to obtain Iron bars: Medium

Number of Iron bars total to make this: 224 iron bars 


There will be some over lap in the creation of some items and with Mur's creation spree, there will be more items to add to this list. And if you feel that there should be more added information to your selected item... something that I did not take into account in the above examples. Feel free to add that information. 


If I need to explain something in further detail, please do not hesitate to ask questions, make suggestions, or share any concerns. Combiner items will have a bit more information, but you do not have to go into the starting resource if there are multiple stages of development. Remember this will be one fillable or combiner item per person. You will only be rewarded once for this phase and to be rewarded you just have to meet the basic requirements above. 


I do understand that this is already being done on some level for Mur's research and item creation process. But this is for public knowledge using what you all already do on a daily basis. I am looking for how hard it is to reach a certain level of item processing to know how to place it in tasks/quests for the MotM Booth. And this with information collected, it will give people the opportunity to see its placement and dispute whether one item is more difficult than another to obtain. For example, iron ore with only two locations and 10 maximum resources in the entire realm... would be very difficult to get 224 iron bars... that would mean that 4480 iron ore would be needed. If someone harvested 3 ore a day... that would take a very long time to obtain. Not taking into account others harvesting it as well and whether all 10 are harvested and how long it would take for the resource to regenerate to 1 where it would probably be harvested back to zero. A very non-realistic time frame to obtain that much iron ore for a simple quest or task for the MotM booth. 

-- Assira the Black

List of People who have started Phase 1:



List of People Who have completed Phase 1:

Junior-1 Imperial Arcane Card Deck

zooliii- Thin Wood Sheets

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I'll help:

Combiner Item:

Product: 1 Imperial Arcane Card Deck

Resources Needed: Ace of black diamonds, Ace of black hearts, Ace of red clubs, Ace of red spades, Jack of Black Diamonds, Jack of black hearts, Jack of red clubs, Jack of red spades, King of black diamonds, King of black hearts, King of red clubs, King of red spades, Queen of black diamonds, Queen of black hearts, Queen of red clubs, Queen of red spades

Combiner Used: MDA Archives Combiner

How to obtain each resource: MDShop through role-play items/trade

each requires 1c credit,

total number of credits: 16c (if all 16 cards are readily available and no shuffling occurs.)


Is this wha you wanted Assira?

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Product: 1 Thin Wood Sheets

Where Thin Wood Sheets are created: Raven Hold 

Resources needed: 80 Tree bark
Cooldown: 36sec

How to obtain Tree Bark: Bark Cutting Knife

Obtained from Capitol of Loreroot for free.

Cool down rate of Bark Cutting Knife : 720sec

Location where can be harvested :

Raven Hold 40
Mistletoe Bridge 30
Madman’s Trial 8
Oak Fort 30
War Hold 10
Stag Crossing 20

No Man’s Land:
Alche’s Alley 10
Sanctuary's View 10

Demand is average. Collectors are asked gather down to 2/3 of the maximum of resources .

Fillable Item used to create Paper in Paper Press at Oak Tower 

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