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Reverse Adept


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i was thinking(dangerous i know), currently if you're on a players profile page you can see a list of their adepts, clikc onto them and be linked to their profile page etc.

i was wondering if it would be possible to put somewhere on the persons profile who they were an adept of, i realise not all the players are adepts of someone so it cant just be a generic box on all profiles as a lot would be empty and look strange being there, but on the players who are adepts of another would this be possible?

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I myself have wondered about such a thing as this. I'm not as sure that it'd be useful, since when you want to see someone you generally see them in the game and it tells you who they are an adept of...but yeah. lol

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i like to know who knows who sort of when looking at players profiles (i browse random ones occaisionally) knowing who a player is an adept of is often a good way of doing this

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