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MD Awards 2016 - Rules discussion and timeline

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  • Root Admin

Here begins the discussion of any rules for the contest. During this period all and any rules may be discussed privately and publicly with myself.

I am looking for an artist to draw the medals if anyone is willing,compensation including pretty much whatever you want will be offered. Full details please contact me.


Rules, unshamefully stolen from last years thread

 The previous categories will be listed in a thread, and players can then argue for different ones to be added/removed - if players agree, then it will be so.
- Certain categories have relevant restrictions on them, these can be changed/created/removed depending on players, the contest holder and various relevant factors..
- Votes will be counted using the same system as used in all years previous.
- You may not nominate those who belong to the same land as yourself (this not only means hard-coded, but also those people considered part of certain lands). "This is an MD awards event, if a person deserves one of the awards, it is on the global level, not on local level, however capable the person is, which justifies the ban of the land nominations , possibly votes too". If you note nominations slipping through this, please let an organiser know.

- There will be a minimum of 3 players nominated for each category, no maximum.
- Past winners will be allowed to be nominated again
- You may only nominate one person per category. If you nominate multiple people, none will be added.
- You may not nominate yourself, or another account you play.
- No editing posts in the nomination thread - purely because I'll potentially get confused.

- There's no restriction on voting for those of the same land.
- There will be no restriction on the amount of voters, there will however be a limited timeframe to vote in as specified in the outline.
- You do not have to vote in each category (though it's preferable).
- Your vote is not valid in any category you have been nominated in. This ensures fairness for those who may vote for themselves vs those who consider that wrong and dont.
- If players that have voted are detected as alts of each other, all associated votes will be discounted. (If you have multiple accounts, you're fine, but only vote once per person please), they will also be disqualified from any nominations your accounts may have.
- Players under 20 AD will be unable to vote.


In a couple days the nominations will open, during this time rules may still be discussed.


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