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"Trading logs" page

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Simple improvement for "Trading logs" page .

It extends the trading log and allows you to properly read it. It has the capability to "properly" extend.



1. Add "myClick" event for each table row (I am lazy as it should be added just for some cells ... you will see)

<tr id="tr_1" name="tr_1" class="wrap displayTransfer " onclick="myClick(this)">


2. Add one more column for each row

<tr id="tr_1" name="tr_1" class="wrap" onclick="myClick(this)">
    <td>No one</td>
    <td>none </td>
    <td>Rainbow candy</td>
        <td onmouseover="Tip('<b><font color=#772222>Item Transfer Log</font></b><br />created by No one on 15/02/17<br>', WIDTH, 340, FADEIN, '300', DELAY, 10 ,BGCOLOR,'#FFCC00', FONTFACE, 'Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif', FONTSIZE, '8pt',JUMPHORZ,'false',JUMPVERT,'true',OPACITY,80)" onmouseout="UnTip()" bgcolor="#FCE074" align="center">0</td>
        <td>15/02/17 09:04:07</td>
  <!-- this is the content from the Tip() function ... from here -->
  <td><div style="max-height: 200px;width: 400px; overflow: auto; display: none"><b><font color="#772222">Item Transfer Log</font></b><br>created by No one on 15/02/17<br></div></td>
  <!-- this is the content from the Tip() function ... untill here-->

3. Add script at the end of page to support the feature

<script type="text/javascript">function changeClass(obj){if ( obj.className.indexOf(' displayTransfer ')>=0 ){obj.className = obj.className.replace( ' displayTransfer ', '' );}else obj.className += ' displayTransfer ';}function myClick(str) {var TRs=str.getElementsByTagName('td');var aObj = TRs[TRs.length-1].getElementsByTagName('div')[0]; aObj.style.display = (aObj.style.display == '') ? 'none' : ''; aObj.scrollTop = aObj.scrollHeight; changeClass(str);}</script>






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