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Idea for an all player contest


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I think it would be really cool to have a contest that all players could participate in. There are a lot of areas of the game only open to certain people, and it would be neat to have a challenge that noobs would have an equal chance of winning.

Scavenger hunts are pretty fun, and as long as prizes are placed in places that all players can access, everyone would be able to participate.

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(: There are many contests all players can participate in. Head contests are tough for a new mp3 or 4 to win, because the older players have better creatures, but by participating they learn thing they can use the next time. Once, there was a puzzle contest (Broken Pattern Gazebo, still there if you want to try). I believe there will be more puzzles of that kind, perhaps involving the other MDA gazebos. If you keep your eyes out, you will find that rpcs give out quests that are mostly based on wit rather than game experience, involving riddles, encryption and puzzles.

I'm pretty sure more kinds of challenges will appear as game development progresses. The latest one for mp5s only was just one. Also, who's to say next time there is a game mechanics challenge all mindpowers won't participate?

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The problem is that if you do make a quest that is not only open for mp3, but also is /easy to complete/ for mp3, you will get hundreds of people who will want a reward and that will cause problems... for the rpc... and his tiny inbox... :)

not to mention complains about the measly reward :D

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