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"Spellbooks , scrolls and Magic stuff" answers

Muratus del Mur

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Player_Name: Digikid

Commets: A Book

Player_Name: Velari

Commets: some type of amulet or special power item

Player_Name: Sean Anthany Myers

Commets: the very essence of magic

Player_Name: Sice

Commets: Scrolls of ancient spells, incantations and rituals of awesome power long

thought to be forgotten

Player_Name: slayr

Commets: a magical rune of gravity empowered by the godess of the earth (mother earth)

Player_Name: glargarthon

Commets: A spell book crafted by the gods but was too powerful so it was hidded away

but was found by mortals

Player_Name: holard

Commets: magical stuffs

Player_Name: forheadspike

Commets: this is so hard lol i bet it is a simple awnser too but for my 3rd guess i

think i is.. an ancient scripture that describes the orgin of some creature? or how

to summon it?

Player_Name: ZsaZsa

Commets: something very ancient and evil of great power that will be used to summon

his dark master

Player_Name: chewett

Commets: a special relic th at will give ultamate power to the person who will pull

it out

Player_Name: Nimela

Commets: Scrolls with ancient knowledge, things we didn't even come close to finding

out about life, the universe and the supernatural, berried there for centuries..:)

Player_Name: annejere

Commets: a heavenly being appears to pull out an ancient magical tome of extreme

value and power from the earth

Player_Name: WarlordRody

Commets: An spellbook with ancient spells.

Locked by the ancients.

Player_Name: spooky22

Commets: A very old amulet with magic powers :D

Player_Name: Reaper

Commets: an ancient set of scrolls belonging to a long lost and forgotten

civilization containing knowledge of powerful spells and dangerous secrets of the


Player_Name: Diachi

Commets: A hand gripping a leatherbound tomb of legends and history of the world

Player_Name: 66010

Commets: it's a box that contains the most highest form of magical power can be be

use to defeat the toughest enemy

Player_Name: Zoom

Commets: A book of special spells

Player_Name: Zjid

Commets: scrolls

Player_Name: Groek

Commets: A tome containing either ancient or forbidden knowledge.

Player_Name: Kakashi

Commets: Magic

Player_Name: Tobbers

Commets: ArchAngel of some sort pulling out the Rules or a tome of the Game?

Player_Name: Mahoot

Commets: some magical Item.

Player_Name: Paperclip

Commets: Acorns and a magical silver ring, engraved in an unknown language with a

single glowing saphire set into it.

Player_Name: temeraire

Commets: i think it would be a book or some sort of magical weopon or talisman

Player_Name: Geostigma

Commets: A magical item that boosts up your armor and power !

Player_Name: forheadspike

Commets: i think that the "creature" is pulling out a secret spell book

Player_Name: Prazzo

Commets: It`s a spellbook, worth all MagicDuel gold, I think.

Player_Name: Falconair0

Commets: would it be a rune of great power

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