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Magic robes sets

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What do you guys find about this idea that you must have a apprentice robe set for level1 spells. The mage robe set for lv2 spells, the young wizard robe set for lv3 spells,...

And that you must defeat an npc (like the shop guards and loreroot guards) for getting acces to one set.

But make sure you can't defeat him with a single elemental so i suggest you say that you must kill him for 60% for the first set, 70% for the second set,...

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I dunno.. I don't think Manu intended getting access to spells to be a simple defeat-this-npc trial and equip-this-magic-robe-to-gain-magical-powers. /: I think he already has some ideas as to how players will obtain magic abilities.

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Medusa gives some bonus to power, regen and other skills and has less def than Sun God armor. :)

Anyway, back on-topic, magic isn't fully implemented. Very few right now have spells, less have information about principle-magic, and Manu is testing illusions on one account, I believe. I'm not sure at all how players will obtain magic once it is fully implemented, either. I'm inclined to think some magic will be story-related, and others granted if you have a role in the adventure.

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