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The Archivists






*Je Suis Oeufs Fous*




The Archivists are collectors of information. We form a Guild, not a combative alliance faction. In due time, it is our goal to fill the MD Archives as well as many other things. We recently took charge of the AL, and hope to have it running smoothly soon. But, we're still in the early stages of learning how to do that, so please bear with us for now.

Remember, your role in the world dictates what you can and cannot do. If you find your way to the bad side of one of the Archivists, and stay there, you'll be denied access to all of us.

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I guess I should have posted this in here...

We are not looking for members. We are full, and everyone has a specific task they accomplish within this guild. If we DO get an opening in the future, the situation will not be taken care of via the forums. We will search for active members who have a specific playing style that fits the job we need accomplished.

Feel free to come by and joke around with us, though. We are quite joyous. :P

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Hey, with How Much work it Took Getting the Wizards Dusty Old mattress into MB, we Deserved the Break :D

Besides, we Got the the Races in the End. It was the Tub Disaster afterwords..... I think I will never mention again....

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Though, it was of course fun to get Wodin high. :D I want to strike him with lightning... T_T

hmm...perhaps I should show you the screen caps from me bringing the mattress to the Gates of Ages. XD

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I must say...in my specific research im doing as stated on the GG forum...the archivists could not help me at all...but thats because the information was not at hand, and i had to get it myself.

The thing i really want to say is...its...close to IMPOSSIBLE to get information out of the archivists...meaning...how exactly are we supposed to learn from the archives...if we cannot see them openly? Something the archivists are hiding?

Something is not right here....and its not me...the process isnt...right...somewhere...


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Archivists i have a question for you why does this say that my story is under construction??
Chapter II - The Carnaval

[spoiler]As you come to your senses, you realize you are being dragged by the angry mob of the Carnival. You feel your body broken, invaded by pain. Next to you walks a child. You only see anger in his eyes and, as he sees you have awakened, he spits on you and starts to hit you with a stick. The crowd has stopped moving. They are lifting up and with one eye, you can see you are being put up on some sort of Iron Gates. In the distance you see Marind, that dreadful little ghost girl watching you with rage in her eyes. She is smiling. One by one, each member of the mob hits you with their bare hands. When they are all done, you do not know if you are alive or dead. You feel being lifted and thrown out outside the Carnival. The sight of your blood on the Iron Gates is wonderful.

* - !!!under construction!!!

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Unfortunately you just have to Wait for it to be Completed, but Other than the Boosts that you get in Chapter 3 (and access to New Places) You wont be Affected by this.

And you can Gain access to those Lands by Other Means, so that isn't even a Big deal Really.

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